Hopediah "Hop Pop" Plantar is the traditional and over-protective grandfather of Sprig Plantar and Polly Plantar.


Hop Pop is an elderly anthropomorphic frog of small stature. He has mostly reddish-orange skin with a light orange chin and chest.

His casual frog-like body structure consists of slightly reddish-orange eyes with black pupils, a dark green tongue, four short limbs with four-fingered hands, and two-toed feet and white tufts of hair coming out of the sides of his head.

As his everyday clothing, he wears a grayish-green waistcoat with a buttoned yellow shirt and a light blue ascot and grayish-brown trousers with light brown socks that slightly cover his feet.


Hop Pop is described as a traditional and over-protective of his grandchildren. He also tends to have a high sense of paranoia whenever he feels something is, or something is bound to go chaotically wrong. As seen in cases such as Best Fronds, when he woke up from his nap in his study, he feared that Anne might've eaten Sprig, Polly and practically the entire town.

He also seems to mistrust the other Amphibians, saying that they are small-minded and paranoid, an ironic statement since he seems to be like that as well. He is also shown to be very honest.



Hop Pop is overprotective of his grandson and considers him to not be responsible enough, an opinion that drives Sprig to prove him wrong. He and Sprig go fishing every year as shown in the episode "Family Fishing Trip".


Hop Pop is overprotective of his granddaughter, though he still thinks she's much more responsible than Sprig. He does, however, prevent her from going out on her own because she's not old enough yet while letting Sprig and Anne do dangerous things there.


He was with Sylvia in "Family Fishing Trip". He danced with her in "Hop Pop and Lock".

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Flag of Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Sergio Bermejo
Flag of Spain Spanish (Castilian/Spain) Santiago Salorio
Flag of Poland Polish Marek Robaczewski
Flag of Brazil Brazilian Jorge Lucas
Flag of Hungary Hungarian Csuha Lajos
Flag of Japan Japanese Yuri Yoshida (宮崎 敦吉)
Flag of Thailand Thai Thongchai Chanchamni (ธงชัย ชาญชำนิ)
Flag of Turkey Turkish Sait Seçkin
Flag of Netherlands Netherlands Lucas Dietens
Flag of Malaysia Malaysian Azizul Sani



  • Other residences of Wartwood see his dancing as weird and disgusting. ("Hop Pop and Lock")
  • He is a failed actor. ("Best Fronds")
  • He makes really spicy peppers called Pain Peppers which according to Sprig will make you wish you were dead. ("Best Fronds")
  • Hop Pop once had a roommate that drove him bananas with his whistling and his disapproval of Hop Pop's need to clean his web crusties out. ("Flood, Sweat & Tears")
  • He reveals he is a "crisp 68". ("Stakeout")
  • He and Anne come to a better understanding of one another after spending the night defending the Plantar’s crops- they share a similar desire for the lives they used to live and protect each other when they encounter the culprit. ("Stakeout")
  • His shoes have a similar appearance to Scrooge McDuck's spats.
  • In Reunion, a frog was shown in the dissection table that looks very much like Hop Pop.
  • He is the mascot of an Amphibia wide rebellious group and he had no idea of it. ("Reunion")
  • Hop Pop is shown to be Broke and creates I.O.U.s as a form of payment. ("Girl Time")
  • Hop Pop has a hobby of model shipbuilding, as seen in the episode ("Children of the Spore").

Behind the Scenes

Name and Basis

Hop Pop’s name references the fact that he’s the "poppa" of Sprig and Polly and the fact that frogs are known for hopping. His appearance also suggests that. His full name is Hopadiah Plantar and Hop Pop is his nickname.


Hop Pop is voiced by Bill Farmer, known best for the voice of Goofy.


Hop Pop made his debut in the series premiere, "Anne or Beast?".


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