"Grubhog Day"
Hop Pop and Lock

"Civil Wart"

The Plantars have been reduced to selling produce from a wheelbarrow illegally in an alley after losing their stand. Despite Hop Pop's claim that this was perfectly legal, Hop Pop goes up to one customer secretly to offer his vegetables only to find that it is Sylvia Sundew, Felicia's mother, who had left town, but has since come back. Hop Pop has always been in love with her, but had always been too nervous to speak to her. She buys a gourd (that resembles Hop Pop) claiming that she "always had a soft spot for the weird ones". After she leaves Hop Pop notices a crowd forming near the town's form board where Toadie announces a new dance festival being held today which sparks Hop Pop's interest in wanting to ask her out. However, Monroe, a handsome elder frog, also has an interest in Sylvia and has been rivals with Hop Pop for years over her affection. Polly herself adds that Monroe is better than him in certain ways such as through dance and shuffle boarding, and all other "old man things". Hop Pop resolves to teach himself dancing using an old broom to practice on along with an outdated dance book.

Unable to dance well, Hop Pop catches Anne dancing in the basement and asks her to teach him. Anne begins teaching Hop Pop, with Polly and Sprig watching, as Anne shows off her moves and teaches Hop Pop about flexibility and rhythm. Anne also tries teaching freestyle to Hop Pop, but it ends up being awful as Hop Pop dances in an odd style, waving his arms around and squatting like a bird promptly before Anne tells him to never freestyle again. The time for the dance arrives with Hop Pop nervous to talk to Sylvia. Monroe approaches Sylvia first to dance, forcing Hop Pop to make his move by challenging him to a dance off.

The dance starts off with Hop Pop showing off what he has learned which gains a murmur of appreciation from the crowd who compliment his dance, only for Monroe to jump in and dance much better than Hop Pop, surpassing his skills. Realizing that he will never be able to tell her how he feels, Hop Pop starts dancing freestyle to the shock of everyone. Nevertheless, the audience sides with Monroe, only for Sylvia to reveal her bizarre freestyle dancing as well. Their dancing ends up shocking everyone away who leave the "ruined" dance party. Hop Pop is surprised by her reaction until Sylvia reminds him that she "always had a soft spot for the weird ones". The two proceed to waltz to Sprig's fiddle with Anne and Polly joining in as well as they dance away the night.

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