Hop Poppity Pop Plantar is the son of Hop-and-Lock-Drop Soppity Pop Plantar the father of Hop Pop Plantar, and the great-grandfather of Sprig and Polly.


Not much is known, beside that he inherited The Cane from his father, Hop-and-Lock-Drop Soppity Pop Plantar, later passing it down to his son, Hop Pop. His wife's name is unknown.



He is an old Amphibian, with a short stature, four fingers, and two toes.


He had Brownish-Green colored clothing, with two white buttons.


Nothing is known, but may of been stern to Hop Pop.


Not much is known, but he participated in getting the heirloom Cane from his Father.

Hop Pop Plantar

Father to Hop Pop, Hop Poppity Pop is thought to of taught him many valuable lessons to take his son through life.


  • As of Cane Crazy, he has only been shown once.
  • His hair is similar to Hop Pop's in color and location, the only difference being one patch of hair at the top of his head.
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