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Kill-a-pillars are a type of insect in Amphibia, found in the forests near Wartwood.


They are a type of butterfly or moth that look similar to cats from the Human world. In its "larval" stage, the Kill-a-pillar resembles a black cat with white stripes along its torso and a white chest, identical to Anne's cat Domino. In its adult stage, it takes on the appearance of a cat-butterfly hybrid and grows considerably in size. With the body and wings similar to that of a monarch butterfly and head and legs of a white feline. It also has rows of pale-yellow teeth and a green tongue lined with white spikes.


As larva form, shown to be quite defenseless against predators, though with cat-like features has the ability to climb, make similar cat vocals, and shown to have claws and fangs to try to hunt prey.

In its adult form, its more powerful being as tall as human size, claws are sticking to hunt, using more of web catch prey and ability to fly.



  • Like Cowapillars, this is the Amphibia form of a mammalian creature in the Human world.
  • The Kill-a-pillar is an "amphibivore", meaning it diets on creatures such as frogs, toads, and salamanders.
  • They are attracted to jingling sounds, such as the mouse toy Anne used for her pet back at home, Domino.
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