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King Andrias Leviathan is the king who, as his title states, rules over Amphibia[1] and lives in Newtopia. Marcy works directly for him.


Despite having a royal position, Andrias appears to be a goofy, fun-loving newt who dislikes following royalty mannerisms and etiquette that Lady Olivia follows and tries to make him act upon.


He is a giant, white bearded salamander with light blue skin and a lighter underbelly and wears a metal suit of armour. He wears a crown on his head and has shoulder pauldrons shaped like snail shells. He also wears a cape over his armor with a gold snake belt and a purple and yellow tunic. He's so huge that Anne, Marcy and his royal guards in full armor stand at only the height of his knees.

His armor has an x mark damage located on the left of his suit.

Behind the Scenes

Name and basis

His name is a reference to the genus of the real-life giant salamander, Andrias.

His surname, Leviathan, is a reference to the mythological sea monster often depicted as a humongous whale or serpent.


King Andrias is voiced by Keith David.




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