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Leopold Loggle is a minor character in Amphibia. He is an axolotl shown to have a fascination for carving wood. His previous occupation was a metal-smith. He resigned this job, due to an injury with an anvil to his larynx (voice box).


Loggle is a light blue axolotl with dark blue gills. He has small white tufts of hair on the side of his head and a large white mustache. He has a light green tongue and his eyes are small and appear closed most of the time. When open, they appear white with blue pupils. He wears a pair of goggles that wrap around his head. The left lens is clear while the right lens is green with three small settings on it, similar to a microscope. He wears a beige shirt, a brown work apron, and grey boots. To top it off, he wears a red neck scarf over his neck.


Leopold is a normally cheerful, elder amphibian. He loves wood more than any known resident of Amphibia. He is a dedicated individual who shows a passion for what he does. He does have a strong sense of discipline and like most workers prefer to have validation. He was seriously upset when most of his shop was destroyed in the episode "Cane Crazy", further implying his love for wood and his beloved shop.

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Flag of Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Gonzalo Moreno
Flag of Spain Spanish Juan Diéges
Flag of Poland Polish Wojciech Paszkowski
Flag of Thailand Thai Rattanachai Lueangwongngam (รัตนชัย เหลืองวงศ์งาม)
Flag of Ukraine Ukrainian Yuriy Vysotsʹkyi (Юрій Висоцький)



  • Show creator Matt Braly stated this was one of his favorite "citizens".[1]
  • Was previously a metalsmith, but quit when he fell and impaled his voice box. It caused a speaking issue in which when he is saying introducing adverbs, (e.g. absolutely, definitely) he pauses before saying the ending negative word, not.
  • Although his eyes are usually closed, there are a few instances where Leopold's eyes are visible.
    • In "Family Shrub", Leopold opened his eyes in fear once he saw Hop Pop as a grotesque glue monster as well as when he was forcefully dragged into the Plantar archive room by Hop Pop.
  • Axolotls have the ability to regenerate lost limbs, thus it is possible that while he was able to regenerate his voice box, it came out wrong.
  • In "Reunion", it is shown that everyone is annoyed with Loggle's voice issues.
  • In "Handy Anne" when answering to Anne's question, when he did not end with a negative word which resulted with him and Anne thinking it felt wrong.
  • In "Handy Anne" he shows that he's quite skilled in brewing potions as well as woodwork when he gives Anne a concoction that brings the plants on the farm to life.


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