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Leopold Loggle's is a woodcraft store located in Wartwood Swamp, ran by Leopold Loggle. Hop Pop enjoys going to the shop when he is need of help, or supplies. After Anne, Sprig, and Polly accidentally woke and led a Doom Tree straight to the store, it was temporarily destroyed.


The wood shop appears to have been carved from a thick tree or the stump of it, with branches hanging of either side of the shop. One of them carrying the shop's sign "Leopold Loggle's" with 3 additional signs hanging under it stating "Chairs, Tables, and Limbs." The wood shop has a pale blue-green front door with two round windows above with wooden crosses embedded in them. Logs of wood and and tools such as an axe and saw can be seen outside the shop. Also, the shop resembles loggle himself, just made out of wood.


  • As the shop's interior is explored during the episode "Cane Crazy" it is noticeable that the shop sells many other items such as canes and clocks as well, featuring one cuckoo-clock which took Leopold twenty years to carve.
  • Judging by the ease of access the main characters have getting there, it's most likely very close to the farm.
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