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The next is the list of all the characters that have appeared in Amphibia.

Main Characters
Character Description

Anne Boonchuy

The main protagonist of the series is Anne Boonchuy, who is a self-centered teenage girl that was transported to Amphibia, meeting Sprig, the first true friend in her life.

Sprig Plantar

Sprig Plantar is the main deuteragonist of the series, meeting Anne Boonchuy and becoming her friend. He’s also the grandson of Hop Pop Plantar and older brother of Polly Plantar.
Polly Plantar - Profile

Polly Plantar

Polly Plantar is the younger sister of Sprig Plantar and granddaughter of Hop Pop Plantar.

Hop Pop Plantar

Hop Pop Plantar is the grandfather of Sprig and Polly Plantar. He is also the only known, living ancestor of The Plantar Family.
Side Characters


Wally is the town vagrant who plays the accordion.


Sasha is Anne's friend. She is currently second-in-command of the Toad Army.
Marcy Render


Marcy is Anne's friend.
Captian Grime

Captain Grime

Captain Grime is the leader of Toad Tower and the main antagonist of the series.

Mayor Toadstool

Mayor Toadstool is the mayor of Wartwood Swamp.
Maddie Flour

Maddie Flour

Maddie Flour was Sprig's fiancee and daughter of Mr. Flour.

Sadie Croaker

Sadie Croaker is an old frog lady who owns Croaker Dairy and likes to tease Sprig.
Ivy Sundew

Ivy Sundew

Ivy Sundew is a young frog girl and a friend and love interest of Sprig.

Felicia Sundew

Felicia Sundew is the mother of Ivy and the owner of Felicia's Tea Shoppe.
Leopold Loggle

Leopold Loggle

Leopold Loggle is a woodcarver. He is also the only known axolotl of Amphibia at this point and is the owner of Leopold Loggle's


Toadie is Mayor Toadstool's assistant.
Mr Flour

Mr. Flour

Mr. Flour is Maddie's father and owner of Flour & Daughters Bakery.


Stumpy is the owner and chef of Stumpy's Diner.

Albus Duckweed

Albus Duckweed is the town Master of Ceremonies and Food Critic.
Portrait Sylvia Sundew

Sylvia Sundew

Sylvia Sundew is Hop Pop's girlfriend, Felicia's mother, and Ivy's grandmother.


Maggie is a Sasha's friend, who constantly picked on and bullied Anne back home.
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