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This is a list of the rivalries and wars in Amphibia.

Pre-Season 1

Avocados vs Almonds war

The Avocados vs Almonds war was a war of two groups, the Avocados, and the Almonds. It was even more destructive than the Hunters vs the Alastair war. So far, this is the only war not shown in the series.

Season 1

Hunters vs Alastair war

The Hunters vs Alastair Rivalry was a war started, and ended, in Civil Wart. It began because Anne showed the citizens of Wartwood Swamp a film entitled Love Choice on Theatre Night. Polly and Sprig disagreed on who the main character should choose as her "love choice." Sprig (not keen on letting Polly win) and Polly rallied up others who agreed with them on the matter and split Wartwood Swamp in half. Later, Hop Pop and Anne hatched a plan to get them to like each other again, thereby ending the war.

Toad Goverment Vs Amphibians rivalry

In the episode Toad Tax, a rivalry between the toad government and Wartwood Swamp began because the Toad Government was stealing their possessions, because the citizens apparently weren't paying their taxes. Anne joined a gang of guards, but betrayed them because she noticed something was off about how many items the Toads were stealing. Later, it turned out Mayor Toadstool was the one tricking the Toads into stealing their money, for his own benefit. Mayor Toadstool was arrested and most of the items were returned.

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