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"Sprig Gets Schooled"
Little Frogtown

"Hopping Mall"

Anne and the Plantars are driving through town when they come across an arcade. However, Hop Pop reveals that he really took them to a small run down sandwich place called Sal's. Sal was an old friend of Hop Pop's who traveled to Newtopia to fulfill his dream of running a successful sandwich shop. However, Anne, Sprig and Polly insist on going to the arcade and Hop Pop concedes; accusing the kids of not appreciating the glory days. As Hop Pop enters the shop, he finds that the interior is run down and destroyed and Sal's signature hat lying in the middle. Believing that Sal would never go anywhere without it, Hop Pop places it on his head and begins talking like a film noir (Anne had shown them such a film prior). Throughout his portion of the episode, Hop Pop's scenes are entirely rendered in black and white.

Meanwhile, Anne, Sprig and Polly wait in line for the arcade and end up waiting three hours. A child cuts in front of them, resulting in Anne becoming furious while Sprig and Polly tell her to ignore him. When the child brings his friends over, Anne threatens to devour him, causing the child to cry. Hop Pop finds clues indicating that someone was after Sal's sauce and he heads to a fancy gathering where he discovers the sauce spread on hors d'oeuvres. Hop Pop does not think that Sal would allow something and in an effort to gather clues, gets kicked out of the establishment, though he does discover that the sauce came from a factory.

Hop Pop breaks into the factory and is confronted by security. He fights him and knocks him into a vat of sauce, but is captured. Hop Pop meets the "big cheese" who turns out to be Sal himself. Sal reveals that the sandwich business was not working, but realized that people loved his sauce. Knowing that he can at least sell that, he became successful (he further abandoned his hat). While Hop Pop is upset, Sal tells him he should embrace change as long as he takes some of the old things with him. Hop Pop returns to the kids where Anne reveals that she was tased during her confrontation. Hop Pop tries to tell the kids what happened, but is stuck talking in his head like a noir.

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