Lloyd is a resident of Wartwood Swamp. He first appeared in the episode "Children of the Spore".


Not much is known about his past, but at some point Lloyd became the host of a sentient, parasitic mushroom that had the ability of mind control. In the episode Children of the Spore, he is disguised as an Apothecary named Gary, and goes around Wartwood converting several of its citizens to be his underlings by using the mushroom's spores. Gary comes across Hop Pop at Loggle's wood-shop and offers him a potion that'll make Anne, Polly, and Sprig behave. Unbeknownst to Hop Pop, the elixir actually consists of mind-controlling spores.

Later in the episode, Gary appears again at the Plantar Farm to reveal his true form and intentions to brainwash everyone in Amphibia. Hop Pop eventually lures Gary and the infected citizens to Bessie's stable, where she devours every mushroom sprouting from their heads. Right before his demise, the sentient mushroom begs for mercy, pleading that eliminating him will cause his kind to go extinct, but to no avail. After the mushroom is defeated, Lloyd regains consciousness, though not remembering where he lives.


Lloyd is fairly average in size for his species with light green skin, yellow eyes, and a small goatee. While mind controlled, he is shown to have purple glowing eyes and a large bio luminescent mushroom attached to his head speckled with light blue spots. He also wears a black cloak, which appears to be rather torn and dirty, as well as brown shorts underneath it.

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