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"The Plantars Check In"
Lost in Newtopia

"Sprig Gets Schooled"

Map of wartwood

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As the robot watches afar, Anne and the Plantars are on a bus tour through the inner streets of Newtopia. The tour guide insists that they stay on the bus, lest they accidentally disturb the locals. Anne, growing increasingly bored, decides she wants to get off so that she can enjoy the sights, having had a history of being refused by her mother to enjoy local food. She convinces Polly to join her and she agrees. They tell Hop Pop that they are not feeling well and need to head back to the hotel. Sprig plans to go, but Hop Pop had handcuffed him as he does not want a repeat of the Ruins of Despair. He tells Anne and Polly that they must go straight to the hotel. As Anne and Polly get off the bus they head straight into the streets and declare that they are "Puh-Anne" and will take in the sites as if they were locals instead of tourists.

Anne locates a food vendor selling spicy burritos. She purchases two, but the spiciness is enough for Anne to rush to the biggest bowl of water and cause Polly to blast fire out of her mouth. The vendor gets annoyed that they destroyed his stand and can only take cash, forcing the two to flee. Next, they head to a tail store to get tails. Anne buys an obnoxiously large tail while Polly gets a spiky hard tail. As they leave, they accidentally knock people down with their ligaments which gets the attention of a couple of guards who chase them, but then get lazy and stop. Anne and Polly end up at a parade, but Anne accidentally insults the focus of the festivities and destroys a paper dragon causing everyone to chase her and Polly away.

Anne and Polly eventually catch up with the bus with everyone in town in pursuit of them. As Anne gets dragged away by the crowd, Polly eats another spicy burrito and blasts fire at them. Anne and Polly continue with Sprig and Hop Pop with the tour to the cheese museum. Meanwhile, back at the castle, Marcy and King Andrias do not appear to be anywhere closer to discovering the secret of the music box. Marcy accidentally spills coffee on a tapestry, but discovers a button that opens a secret passage, which Andrias himself appears to have also been unaware of. The two of them cautiously go down as it leads to another library.

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