Just because I seem creepy to you, doesn't mean that I'm a bad person. I'll have you know, I learned magic to help people, not hurt them.

—Maddie Flour, Cursed!

Maddie Flour is a young female frog, who plays a supporting role in Amphibia.

She was the "fiancée" of Sprig Plantar after the Plantars received dough from the baker in exchange for Sprig being engaged to his daughter, Maddie. They did this in order to make pizza for the annual Pot Luck event in the episode "Hop Luck". At the end of "Cursed!", Sprig and Maddie broke up in a peaceful way, resorting to just being friends.


She is close in age to Sprig and is roughly the same height as him. She is a light blue frog with a lighter shaded underbelly and has a red tongue. Just like the other frogs, she has four fingers per hand and two toes per foot. Her hair is a light pink with dark pink spots and bulbous in appearance with a small knot on her head, making it look like a mushroom cap. It covers one of her eyes, but the one that is visible is big and yellow with black, slit pupils similar to that of a snake. She wears very little; just a black sack dress with a brown rope for a belt and is barefoot.


She appears eerie, but in reality, she is an understanding frog, though she is merely socially awkward. She doesn't curse others unless they really deserve it. She talks in a husky, whispering voice and makes those around her uncomfortable with her presence. Whether she does this on purpose or is inept to social cues is not known, but she does try to be friendly with people. She does seem somewhat self-aware as she acknowledges that some people think she is evil when really she wants to use her abilities for good. Many people think that Maddie is a bit edgier than other frogs in Wartwood but after understanding her deep down one would see her in a very different way, similar to Sprig's encounters with her.

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Flag of Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Belén Dandolo
Flag of Brazil Portugese (Brazil) Flora Paulita
Flag of Spain Spanish Ruth Pazo
Flag of Hungary Hungarian Laudon Andrea
Flag of Poland Polish Anna Wodzyńska
Flag of Thailand Thai Noppawan Haemabutra (นพวรรณ เหมะบุตร)



  • She owns a voodoo doll of Sprig.
  • She played a major role in the episode "Cursed!".
  • She likes keeping stuff for herself, such as candy acquired from Barry in the episode "Cursed!".
  • It is possible that Maddie has had some unrequited feelings for Sprig prior to the start of the series. Whether or not she still has them since the events of "Cursed!" has yet to be revealed.


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