Maddie Flour is a young female frog, who plays a supporting role in Amphibia.

She was the "fiancée" of Sprig Plantar after getting dough from the baker. At the end of "Cursed!", Sprig and Maddie broke up in a peaceful way.


Maddie is a young frog with blue skin, a red tongue, and a dark dress with a brown rope. She has semi-realistic yellow eyes, but one is covered by her pink hair. Her hair also has dark pink spots.


She appears eerie, but in reality, she is an understanding frog, though she is merely socially awkward. She doesn’t curse others unless they really deserve it.

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Flag of Thailand Thai Noppawan Haemabutra (นพวรรณ เหมะบุตร)


  • She owns a voodoo doll of Sprig.
  • She played a major role in the episode Cursed!.
  • She likes keeping stuff for herself.


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