Hey Boobchuy, whatcha eating? A pukebun!

—Maggie, Reunion

Maggie is a minor character in Amphibia. She is a student who constantly picked on and bullied Anne Boonchuy back home. She attends Saint James Middle School along with Anne, Sasha, and Marcy.


Maggie is shown to be an arrogant and selfish bully that takes immense pleasure in taunting Anne. Anne even considers Maggie her worst nightmare. When Sasha stood up to her, she instantly stopped harassing Anne and left.

It is unknown why she taunts Anne but it's perhaps because of something from the past. It seems as if when Sasha isn’t with Anne, Maggie constantly picks on Anne but when Sasha comes and sees Maggie do this to Anne, she automatically stops picking on Anne. This might be due to her being afraid of Sasha and her dominant attitude.



Maggie is a Caucasian girl with light skin and of medium height with ginger hair braided into pigtails. She has freckles on her cheeks and her eyelashes are to the bottom of her eyelids as well as a gap in her top teeth.


She wears a baseball cap that is worn backward with a blue hoodie similar to Marcy’s and a salmon-pink skirt identical to Sasha’s. She wears white and black tennis shoes and socks. In "Reunion", she wore a mahogany backpack. The hoodie Maggie is wearing is of school spirit as the school symbol is located in the corner. In "Marcy at the Gates", she's seen without her hoodie and wearing a SJMS school shirt with a green collar.

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Thailand Thai ชิดชนก แย้มมา (Chidchanok Yamma)



  • She is the only other student other than Sasha and Marcy to talk to Anne.
  • It is unknown why she decides to pick on Anne.
  • Anne states that Maggie is her worst nightmare possibly due to the constant picking.
  • She will easily flee the scene with threats (ex. Sasha and her pool party).
  • Her voice is provided by Eden Riegel, the voice director for Amphibia.
  • Her skirt matches Sasha, and she wears a hoodie similar to Marcy.
  • Over the time since the season finale, Maggie has become a recurring meme in the Amphibia community being placed in random screenshots of the series.
  • According to Matt Braly, the name Maggie comes from "Maggi", a Swiss seasoning brand that is well-known in Thailand.[2]


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