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Marcy is one of two female friends of Anne Boonchuy. She was the one who located the Calamity Box and informed Sasha about it. She was seen next to them when Anne opened the Calamity Box that teleported her, Anne, and Sasha to Amphibia. She also attended Saint James Middle School.


Close to nothing is known about her personality as of now. Though she may be a mischievous character due to her wanting Anne to steal the Calamity Box from Thrift Stop.



Marcy is a teenage girl of Asian descent. She has dark skin, black, short hair, and dark eyes. She is slim and tall.  


Marcy wears a school uniform as her everyday outfit. It consists of a grey-blueish hoodie with a small "SJMS" emblem and a short green skirt and a pair of brown shoes. She also wears a green barrette on her hair. She most likely wears an SJMS shirt under the hoodie similar to Anne and Sasha, hers being green. Some scenes she is seen without her green barrette.

Additional features

According to a recent poster, Marcy has a red hooded cape, a white fuzzed collar, and is wearing a beige-like outfit very similar to her school outfit underneath. Like Sasha, her skirt has various clippings. She also has winter snow boots which seem to be wrapped in tape She also has an armed-crossbow onto her right arm. She has a blue glove on her opposite hand. She also has a long cape which shows wear.

Early Life

Not much is known about Marcy’s early life, but she became friends with Anne and Sasha. The three did everything together, such as going to the mall and hanging out with each other.

Music box incident

Marcy contacted Sasha about a "frog music box", unaware it’s the Calamity Box. They went to steal the box, but soon after Anne, Sasha, and Marcy were teleported to Amphibia. ("Best Fronds") ("Reunion"). In the most recent poster, Marcy is standing on top of a bolder in possession of a golden crossbow, glancing over a sea of water into the distance where a shaded location is located.


Anne Boonchuy

Not much is known about their relationship, except that they are friends. She though has picked on Anne for her former dislike for frogs.


Same as above, not much is revealed about their relationship except the fact they are friends. She is most likely more of a friend of Sasha who also likes to tease Anne as she did with the Calamity Box.

Behind the Scenes


Marcy’s voice actor is currently unannounced.


Marcy made her first appearance during a flashback in "Best Fronds". She will make a full-time appearance in Season 2.


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