Marcy Wu is one of the two human female friends of Anne Boonchuy. She was the one who discovered the Calamity Box and informed Sasha about it via text message. She was seen next to them when Anne opened the Calamity Box that teleported her, Anne, and Sasha to Amphibia. She also attended Saint James Middle School.

When she's in Newtopia and after doing some work for the newts, she eventually became the chief ranger of the Newtopian knight guard who under her title "Master Marcy" works directly for the king of Amphibia, King Andrias.


Marcy is a friendly, geeky, resourceful, and intellectual girl - she always shown researching various subjects and taking notes. She always got straight As in school, implying her above average intelligence. She is curious and takes interest in different cultures, being the one who discovered the Calamity Box. She is also crafty - she is seen reusing her school outfit to craft new wear and using her skills in Amphibia biology to defeat the Barbariants, which are super large ants.

Nonetheless back home, she's insanely clumsy and super oblivious. This causes her to be heavily reliant on her friends - Anne and even Sasha constantly feel the need to look out for her, and she relies on Sasha to make decisions for her. In Amphibia, she has learned to manage herself better, and make independent decisions on her own, although she still is fairly clumsy and sometimes dependent on Anne.

Marcy is an avid fan of retro video games. Prior to being teleported into Amphibia, she was seen with a game system similar to the Nintendo switch. When she met the Plantars, she offered them a copy of a game called "Vagabondia Chronicles" and she wanted Anne and Sasha to play a game called "Creatures and Caverns".

Marcy considers farm culture under-appreciated and farmers like Hop Pop are "the backbone of society".



Marcy is a Chinese-American teenage girl while being tall and slim. She has dark skin, short black shiny hair, and dark eyes.  


Marcy wears a school uniform as her everyday outfit. It consists of a grey-blue colored hoodie with a small "SJMS" (Saint James Middle School) emblem stitched across the chest and a short green skirt and a pair of brown school shoes. She also wears a green barrette on her hair. She most likely wears an SJMS shirt under the hoodie similar to Anne and Sasha. Sometimes Marcy can be seen without her barrette.

Additional features

In Amphibia, Marcy wears a faded grey hooded cape, complete with a white-furred collar which is held together with a brown shell. She also wears a brown metal chest plate, a stitched skirt, and grey winter snow boots which are wrapped with studded straps. Marcy has gray fingerless gloves on each of her hands, moreover, her signature primary weapon seems to be a golden hand-mounted crossbow (it can fold its two limbs plus hide an arrow when not in use) that is fitted onto her right forearm. Anne was amazed by Marcy's outfit and commented that it looks like an Amazon Warrior Queen.

In the sleepover during the night in "The Sleepover to End All Sleepovers", Marcy wears a white T-shirt with Roll Play words on plus a square picture of a person with a staff in front of a castle in different grey colors, and is wearing a pair of grey green pants.

Early Life

Not much is known about Marcy’s early life, but she eventually became friends with Anne and Sasha. The three did everything together, such as going to the mall, and hanging out with each other.

Music box incident

Marcy contacted Sasha about a "frog music box", unaware it’s the Calamity Box. They went to steal the box, but soon after Anne, Sasha, and Marcy were teleported to Amphibia. ("Best Fronds", "Reunion").


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Behind the Scenes

Name and Basis

Marcy's surname, Wu, is Chinese. It can have several meanings depending on the ideogram and tone, although Wu as a surname is commonly written as "吳".


Marcy is voiced by Haley Tju.[1]


Marcy made appearances during the flashback in "Best Fronds" and was mentioned multiple times throughout the season. She made a full-time appearance in the second season in the episode, "Marcy at the Gates".



  • Marcy did not have any speaking lines in the first season and only appeared in flashbacks.
  • Clothing similar to Marcy's school uniform was shown by Carbon Costume for fans who want to cosplay as her.
  • Her voice actress Haley Tju also voiced Karmi from Big Hero 6: The Series, another Disney Television Animation produced series.
  • Her last name, Wu, is revealed by Lady Olivia in the episode, "Marcy at the Gates".
  • She played a video game console that's almost identical to the Nintendo Switch.
  • While it's true Marcy's clumsiness would get her into trouble if not for Anne to help Marcy in the last second. Yet it might be more accurate that Marcy is so focused on her game console (including hearing the game with her earplugs while walking) or taking notes while walking that caused her to not look around for any possible hazards.
  • When she saves Sprig from the Barbariant queen, her eyes briefly glow green for a second. Similar to how Anne's eyes glow blue.
  • Marcy is ambidextrous.
  • Marcy's cloak catches on fire and she panics every time it happens is a running gag in the episode "Marcy at the Gates".
  • Marcy has currently been living in Amphibia for more than 4 months as of "Marcy at the Gates".
  • In Reddit, Matt stated that Marcy's surname inspiration is because he knew a Wu.[2]
  • Marcy has shown traits of possibly having ADHD, but it isn’t officially confirmed.


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