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Anne Boonchuy

Not much is known about their relationship, except that they are quite close friends. However, Anne is usually responsible for making sure Marcy doesn't get herself injured, due to her clumsiness. It isn't until Anne sees Marcy fend for herself, that she realizes that Marcy has truly changed since they arrived in Amphibia and she's more than capable of taking care of herself now. After Marcy learns that Anne and Sasha had a fight, she and Anne both agree that it's time they made their own decisions and promise to find Sasha, as well as a way home, together.

Sasha Waybright

Like Anne, not much is revealed about Sasha and Marcy's relationship except the fact they are friends. Sasha is at times annoyed with Marcy's clumsiness and once even jested to Anne that her clumsiness might get her killed, while Marcy herself usually let Sasha decide everything for her to do.

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