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"Wax Museum"
Marcy at the Gates

"Scavenger Hunt"

On the road, Sprig shows his excitement for nearing the city of Newtopia, but he notices Anne feeling down while staring at her picture of her, Sasha and Marcy together. Anne then clarifies that she's also looking forward to nearing the city, but she's saddened that they haven't managed to find Marcy during the trip. Sprig believes it to be for the better after what happened between Anne and Sasha, but Anne states that Marcy is completely different from Sasha.

During a flashback sequence, Marcy is shown to be an incredibly intelligent person, but she also tends to act clumsy or becomes too oblivious to her surroundings due to her notebook or gaming consoles. During most of these times, Anne always tries to make sure Marcy doesn't get into too much danger such as getting hit by an open locker, slipping on a wet floor, letting her belongings fall out of her backpack, and standing too long on a busted up bench. Anne then admits she worries about Marcy's well being because she's not there to protect her this time, and with her alone in this even more threatening world, something bad could've happened to her.

Soon after, Polly shouts from the rooftop of the fwagon that they've arrived at the city, as Anne and Plantar's then make their way towards the gates. When Anne shouts for someone to let them in, a newt slides a hatch open above them and informs them they can't enter because Newtopia's closed. After questioned again, the newt replies they won't let any outsiders through the walls until the Barbari-ants infestation is dealt with. Suddenly, one of the ants erupts from the ground and begins attacking Sprig, as the family manages to fend it off by throwing Hop Pop towards it and using his croak throat to knock it away. The Barbari-ant then retreats and scurries back into the large hole it came from.

Unfortunately, their celebration is cut short when more Barbari-ants begin digging out of the ground and circling around Anne and the Plantar's. Suddenly, bags of oil are tossed around the Plantar's and Anne, as someone on top of the Newtopian gates shoots a fire arrow that ignites the oil to catch fire, causing all of the Barbari-ants to retreat. The hooded figure shoots an arrow with a rope attached to it onto the fwagon's wheel, and zips down towards Anne and the Plantar's using a hook. Unfortunately mid way the rope snaps, causing them to fall face flat on the ground.

Once back up on their feet, their savior opens up a notebook and begins jotting down ideas to make the rope stronger, as Anne recognizes the being to be none other than Marcy. Anne cries tears of joy having found one another after so long and the two hug it out. After showing her new look and weapon to Anne, Marcy then states she's become a lot stronger herself, believing to no longer be the clumsy girl Anne once knew. Ironically Anne then points out that her cape is on fire, unknowingly to Marcy and they put it out, before Anne introduces Marcy to the Plantar's. Marcy then excitedly introduces herself to the family, as she even deduces that they're from Frog Valley judging from Hop Pop's cranium and soil attached to him.

After complimenting Hop Pop on his status as a farmer, Marcy begins to examine Polly, as she points out to her that her legs will likely grow out of her in two months. Marcy then introduces herself to Sprig, but Sprig instead greets her with a skeptical look. When Anne asks about where she's been, Marcy informs her that she had actually warped right inside the city of Newtopia, where she managed to become well acquainted with them after realizing the newts were similar to a race known as "sephilons" she learned about while playing a video game known as Creatures and Caverns.

Furthermore, she then states that after doing some work for the newts, she eventually became the chief ranger of the Newtopian knight guard. Anne then looks to Marcy for a way inside Newtopia, but unfortunately she can't let them in until the Barbari-ant invasion is dealt with, but luckily she has a plan and leads them away. At a nearby tent, a group of newts are creating a strategy to deal with the Barbari-ants, but they end up disagreeing profusely with each other's ideas. Soon after, Marcy enters the tent and introduces the newts to Anne and the Plantar's. While the newts admit they haven't agreed yet on a specific plan, Marcy assures them she has a plan of her own. She explains to everyone that with the weather warming up, the Barbari-ants have been sending scouts deeper into the lines of Newtopia, as she believes an entire invasion is inevitable to happen any time now.

Marcy then adds that the King has requested from her to stop the Barbari-ants before they transform Newtopia into their own personal anthill. While Sprig is suspicious of Marcy's role with working for the king, Anne is surprised that Amphibia even has a king which Hop Pop confirms. Marcy then proceeds to state the plan, which is to sneak into the hills of the Barbari-ants and drive the queen away from their lair to force the rest of them to retreat with her. When Sprig questions how they'll manage to pull that off, Marcy shows everyone a belt equipped with stinkshrooms, a special fungus that let out toxic pheromones which are capable of driving the ants away.

Anne then begins to point out the dangers of the mission, especially when knowing they'll inevitably have to fight through some of the colony to get to the queen. This leads Anne to suggesting she and the Plantar's take care of the mission instead due to her experience with Marcy's clumsiness, but Marcy assures Anne that she'll be fine just as Anne points out her burning cape again. Once Anne and Marcy exit the tent, Sprig shows his discontent with trusting Marcy due to their previous battle against Sasha and her toad army. He then suggests they keep an eye on Marcy, but Hop Pop and Polly believe him to be overreacting, angering Sprig as they leave the tent and catch up to Anne and Marcy.

As the group enters the cave to the queen, Sprig instead decides to express his suspicions with Bessie telling her to go get help if they aren't back after a few hours, but that also proves to be a hopeless attempt. As the group then make their way deep into the caves, Anne begins to grow concerns for Marcy's clumsiness, having nearly fallen through a couple holes if not for Anne's assistance. Suddenly, a Barbari-ant begins attacking Sprig, as Anne and the Plantar's begin fending off reinforcements. Meanwhile, Marcy notices a plant and begins analyzing it, mixing it via a beaker of various chemicals which she had brought with her.

This creates an explosive formula, allowing everyone to escape when Marcy blows a hole through a nearby wall by tossing the beaker at it. Once through, Marcy throws an insta-vine potion which automatically begins growing vines in front of the wall to keep any more Barbari-ants from chasing after them. Unbeknownst to her, Marcy had accidentally trapped Polly on the other side after realizing she never made it through the hole, causing everyone to rip apart the vines to let her through. Luckily Marcy manages to throw another insta-vine potion at the wall just before the Barbari-ants arrive again.

As the group continues on into the cave, with Sprig still remaining suspicious of Marcy and Hop Pop enjoying his talk with Marcy about the vegetables he grows, the group then covers behind a nearby rock after Marcy realizes they have made it to the queen's room. Marcy then explains that they all need to plant the stinkshrooms around the room to ensure the queen is affected by it, while informing them the queen lacks good eyesight, but her hearing is phenomenal. Marcy then states that the pheromones from the stinkshrooms will be released after 5 minutes so they would need to work quickly.

As everyone begins getting to work, Anne soon pushes Marcy out of the way from a nearby falling rock, as they manage to stay out of sight from the queen by hiding behind the rock itself. Marcy then states she was about to move out of the way on her own, but Anne disagrees, believing she needs to make sure Marcy stays out of danger just like back home. Marcy reminds Anne though that they're not back home now, and she's managed to take care of herself up until now with the Newts. Meanwhile as Sprig continues to plant the stinkshrooms, a nearby Barbari-ant egg suddenly cracks open and begins attacking Sprig, causing him to shout out and alert the queen.

The Queen then lunges at Sprig and eats him whole, before screeching and calling even more Barbari-ants to arrive. Marcy then points out that Sprig is still alive since Barbari-ants take longer periods of time to digest their food, as she then proceeds to go save him but Anne stops her once more. Anne asks her to stay put and that she could save Sprig instead, but Marcy reminds her that she's the most knowledgeable with Barbari-ant biology and therefore most fit for the job, but Anne continues to be persistent while believing she can still do it in her place.

Marcy then demands to know why she won't let her do it, to which Anne then tearfully admits she had just got her back, and she doesn't want to lose her again. Marcy then promises Anne she can do it, as she proceeds to bounce her way towards the queen on the Barbari-ants' backs, knowing they have incredibly bouncy bodies. Once Marcy is also eaten by the queen, she manages to make her throw up both her and Sprig, with Marcy now having gained Sprig's trust. Marcy then shoots an arrow at a nearby rock to swing them safely to the ground, but the queen instantly slices the rope, causing them to crash to the ground as they're once again surrounded by the ants.

Luckily, the stinkshrooms begin to go off in the nick of time, causing the queen and the rest of the Barbari-ants to flee from the group as they tunnel way from Newtopian grounds. While making their way out of the caves to avoid breathing in the toxic air themselves, Marcy thanks Anne for having her back, but Anne believes she didn't need it after all, now convinced she really has changed just as the Plantar's point out that once again her cape's on fire. Once the group is out of the cave, Sprig apologizes to Marcy for his prior suspicions of her, with Marcy just being glad he's okay since she's learned that he means a lot to Anne.

Suddenly, the gates to Newtopia begin to open, as Marcy, Polly and Sprig proceed to rush inside. Anne then points out to Hop Pop how well Marcy seems to have managed to adapt to Amphibia, believing this to be the happiest she's ever seen her, as Hop Pop explains how it's always impressive to see the full potential people have. The group then makes their way through the streets of Newtopia, where they are then approached by a group of guards escorting a royal of Newtopia, Lady Olivia. She informs Marcy that the king sends his greetings while asking about the status of the mission, as Marcy then shows her a severed Barbari-ant head to prove to her the mission was a success.

Marcy then introduces Olivia to Anne and the Plantar's, as Olivia welcomes them to the city of Newtopia while informing them to not touch anything important looking. Simultaneously, Sprig is then seen playing on top of a nearby statue, but his weight causes one of the arms to fall off, leaving Olivia frustrated but still composed. Once Olivia leaves, Sprig begins asking numerous questions to Marcy about her, but Hop Pop instead suggests they begin unpacking the fwagon while giving Anne and Marcy some time to catch up together. Later in front of a nearby fountain, Anne and Marcy both point out they've had no luck on finding a way home.

Anne then admits she's spent so much time thinking about finding her, she's not actually sure what her plan is now. Marcy then suggests they go find Sasha, but Anne informs her that she already had, only they didn't depart from one another on a good note and with a fight instead, and now she's unsure of her current location. Marcy states that even if they found a way home, it would all be for nothing if Sasha wasn't with them, as she also admits she's unsure of what to do since Sasha was always the one who came up with the decisions. Anne then believes they should now begin making their own decisions, with her and Marcy declaring to each other that together they'll find Sasha and find a way home.

Marcy then wishes from Anne to know about everything that's happened to her up until this point, as Anne begins showing her all the photos on her phone of all the adventures and creatures she and the Plantar's have faced up until now. Meanwhile, King Andrias watches Anne and Marcy within a castle from afar, as he then walks over to a chess like board surrounded with other pieces. He then states that the pieces are beginning to fall into place, as he places a figure in appearance similar to Anne beside another figure in similar appearance to Marcy, while declaring that it's time for the game to begin.

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