Monroe is Hop Pop’s rival. He is an elderly frog who resides in Wartwood. He is said to be the best at what old frogs do, such as dancing or playing shuffleboard as shown in the episode "Hop Pop and Lock".


Season 1

In "Hop Pop and Lock" Monroe and Hop Pop Plantar compete in a dance for the affections of Sylvia. Monroe wins the dance competition, but loses her because she prefers weird things, like Hop Pop's dance style.


He is a seemingly nice, competitive frog. He seems to like Sylvia Sundew, and dislike Hop Pop.


He's a relatively tall, blue frog. He has a large head of gray hair, and a small mustache, trimmed in a french-like style. His eyes are buttercup-yellow. He also wears a brown jacket over a pale-brown t-shirt and dark blue pants, he walks barefoot as do many other citizens of Wartwood.



Hop Pop Plantar

For probably several years, he and Hop Pop have been rivals. It is unknown where this rivalry began, although, it might have to do something with how they both had feelings for Sylvia Sundew. He takes any chance he can to embarrass or bother him.

Sylvia Sundew

Before the ending of Hop Pop and Lock, it is shown he had feelings for her, probably for several years. This most likely was broken after she picked Hop Pop over him in the dance battle due to her liking wierd things such as Hop Pop's dancing style.

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