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Mrs. Boonchuy is a character in Amphibia and the mother of Anne Boonchuy.


Mrs. Boonchuy bears a resemblance quite similar to Anne, but also has light wrinkles at the side of her eyes and unlike Anne, her hair is tied into a ponytail at the back. During the flashback she wears a blue jacket over a white shirt and brown pants.


She was born in somewhere in Thailand and some time later fell in love with her future husband. Later, she bore her daughter, Anne.

When she and her husband immigrated to the US, they opened Thai Go near their house.


  • She likes butterflies, vases, and tea.
  • She is a bad singer.
  • She and Anne didn't see eye to eye.



Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Flag of Thailand Thai Kanokwan Meesiri (กนกวรรณ มีศิริ)


  • In Thai dub, it doesn't use On Braly's voice, but instead, it has another person to dub the character.
  • She is from Thailand, then immigrated to the US with her husband.
  • She and her husband opened the restaurant Thai Go near Anne’s home.
  • She makes her full debut while driving a red car with speaking in English as Anne's flashback when they went traveling in "Lost in Newtopia".


Boonchuy family design

Mrs. Boonchuy's whole appearance with young Anne in Anne's flashback in "Lost in Newtopia".

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