Muddy Wadders is a song for Amphibia, it was released on November 6th, 2019.


It's a sunny day
Anne and Sprig, you know they're best friends
"No Swimming," the sign says on the lake
They still jump in splashing and laughing
When they do what they're doing
Did you feel that?
I think the water is moving
It's a hard frog life in a bog with one shoe! It's a hard frog life when you're alone with no clue!
Gotta play by the rules
and live by the code
You might get eaten alive
or battle with a toad
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
But Anne is up to the challenge
'Cause she got Sprig by her side
No bug is too big, no monster to fear
You just gotta watch your back
Till the coast is all clear
Best friends till the end
Trying not to be food
Creatures of all types
Under this bright red moon
Sprig on the move in getaway mode
Anne wants to prove frogs up, no toads
Stay alert, learn the rules, and don't be stupid bro
It's eat or be eaten, all times in the bog yo
So keep your eyes open in this wild cafeteria
and don't end up as someone's lunch
In Amphibia!


  • For an unknown reason, the song was privated on Disney Channels YouTube.
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