Newtopia map

Newtopia map held by Sprig in "Scavenger Hunt"

Newtopia is the capital of Amphibia. It is a giant city where the Newts, for whom it is named, reside. The ruler of Amphibia, King Andrias lives in the city. That includes some other Amphibians too.


Newtopia appears to bear a resemblance similar to a castle/palace, with turrets and towers being seen in the distance including flags placed at the top of the towers which appear to be shaped like red mushrooms. There is a winding cobblestone path leading to the entrance and the location seems amidst a shallow sea. There is a large golden gate that serves as the entrance and atop Newtopia is a large silver sculpture with a beak-like carving facing upwards.


Newtopia Castle

Newtopia Castle is the home of King Andrias, Marcy Wu, and possibly Lady Olivia.

Hemisphere Hotel

First appearing in "The Plantars Check In", Hemisphere Hotel is an upscale hotel in Newtopia that stands at roughly twenty floors tall. It’s first floor is populated with cafès, restaurants, various shops, a fountain, and an indoor Ferris wheel.


A restaurant that appears in "Scavenger Hunt" that Marcy claims to have the best beetle hamburgers in all of Newtopia. It stands at three floors tall, has two windows on the front of the building, and has outdoor tables for dining.

Coral Park

Coral Park is a location briefly seen in "Scavenger Hunt" that contains pink and orange coral. In its center sits a statue of a newt named Ezra Brackish looking through a telescope. The statue’s head is hollowed out, so those who remove its hat can peer through its telescope. In it, they uncover the word, “bring,” painted on the coral as part of the code from the episode Scavenger Hunt.


The museum is another location Marcy, Anne, and Sprig visit in search of a clue to solve the puzzle in their scavenger hunt.

Newtopia University

Newtopia Aquarium


  • Newtopia was first mentioned in the Season 1 episode "Fiddle Me This" by Wartilda as a well-known location for a university, but the city is officially shown in the season 2 episode "Marcy at the Gates". Until the location is called Newtopia University makes the first appearance in the episode "Sprig Gets Schooled".
  • It is a 1-month journey from Wartwood to Newtopia by taking the path around the mountains.
  • General Yunnan, a female warrior Newt, is from Newtopia and is the youngest newt to achieve the rank of general in the Newtopian Army.
  • Although Amphibia does not have access to electricity, it seems that the elevators, the indoor ferris wheel and the lights located in the cafès, restaurants with various shops located in the Hemisphere Hotel are powered by electricity.
  • While the main language is English inside Newtopia, the Amphibian language is more prominent.
  • Matt stated in Reddit if Newtopia was real, he would love seaside towns like this.
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