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Percy is a prison guard in the Toad Tower. He has a more playful attitude compared to the other toads in the tower. His girlfriend is Braddock.


Percy is a light green toad with small green spots along the side of his body. He has a lighter underbelly and wears brown armor with leather armbands. He also wears a jester's hat with red, yellow and purple caps lined with silver bells at the end.


He is a goofy toad, who likes to have fun and play music for others including Sasha who he considers to be his only friend. He is also shown to be quite brave and confident as when Grime praises him, he stands up and encourages the other toads to fight and protect the tower when it's attacked by Herons.



  • All though he is a prison guard; he finds more fun in being a comedian and musician, as is shown he is skilled in playing a combination of instruments such as drums and the trumpet.
  • Even though he doesn't enjoy working as a guard, in the episode "Reunion," he is still seen working as one at the Toad Tower.

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Flag of Poland Polish Sebastian Perdek
Flag of Thailand Thai Tanaphon Tangpetch (ธนพนธ์ แท่งเพ็ชร์)

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