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After Mayor Toadstool increased the food stand tax, Anne convinces Hop Pop to sell Plantar's Potions, which is just vegetable juice being branded as "health improving" as Anne states that these were all the hype back in the human world. Hop Pop hesitates as the Plantar stand was all about honesty and selling the potion would mean lying. Seeing that he needs to embellish and remove the truth to sale the juice, Hop Pop decides to sell the potion to make enough profit to save the stand. The juice becomes a great success through it's false claims like "increasing your lifespan", but it's still not enough to pay the tax. Seeing that they're out of vegetables, Hop Pop decides to gather garbage and leftovers and make juice.

The "new" potion is also a great success and they make enough money to save the stand. Then Mrs. Croaker, who was a loyal customer for the Plantars due to their honesty also buys the potion claiming if Hop Pop said the potion was good for you then it was, even though she herself never really believed in these potions. Hop Pop feels guilty and before the townspeople can take a drink he knocks the potion out of Mrs. Croaker's hand and tells the truth to everyone and apologizes. While he's apologizing, giant flies came and started picking off people, including the kids. Hop Pop sees that they're attracted to the garbage juice and takes the barrel to push it off a cliff. The flies drop the kids and take the barrel away into the sunset. Hop Pop then gives the town a refund on the potions they had bought and loses the stand, but he is happy to be honest again and Mrs. Croaker states Hop Pop's father would've been proud of his honesty of telling the town the truth and giving them a refund.

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