The Plantar Family are a family of Amphibians currently looking after Anne Boonchuy.

It consists of Hop Pop Plantar, who is the patriarch and grandfather figure, Sprig Plantar, an enthusiastic young frog who's always in mischief but also kind and compassionate, and the youngest member Polly Plantar, who is still a pollywog. In “Anne or Beast?”, Hop Pop agreed to look after Anne, but was very paranoid when he first started looking after her because he thought Anne was going to destroy the whole town and eat its inhabitants. Once the family really got to know Anne, they realized she really wasn’t a monster after all and Anne became a part of the family.

In Season 2, the Plantar family are currently travelling around Amphibia finding a way to get Anne home. Matt Braly said that this season will be based on a road trip where the family search for answers on the mysterious Calamity Box and how to get Anne back to her own world.

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