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The Plantar Farm is the home of The Plantar Family and the guest home of Anne Boonchuy during her time in Amphibia.


The Plantar farm consists of a housing unit surrounded by fields and a little red shed where tools are placed. The house is quite aged and is made from the stump of a tree as is the case for a number of houses in Wartwood. There is a small yellow wooden front door and a circular window beside it. A bio-luminescent mushroom has also been implanted beside the door acting as the light of the front porch. The house appears to have three floors and has a red wooden roof with a large branch protruding from the side. Moss and grass are also seen prominently growing throughout the exterior of the house. There is also a small wooden chimney set atop the third floor's roof. The back porch also has access to a lake where the Platar's ship is also moored.


Anne currently lives in the basement of the house, which is made of stone walls and lighted by bio-luminescent mushrooms. There is a small hatch located in front of the main door and wooden staircase leading to the basement. In "Flood, Sweat, and Tears", the basement is flooded when river lampreys drill a hole into the floor's base which resulted in Anne temporarily sleeping in the living room's couch.


In Anne or Beast?, Anne Boonchuy moved in after being taken up by Hop Pop and leaving the cave she previously resided in. It has been known to be in poor shape, as throughout the show there have been many damages brought to the house including broken walls, flooded basements, ceiling collapsing, breaking equipment, and window shattering. In episodes such as Cursed!, it is shown that the Plantar family is so used to the poor status of the house that when the door literally fell down, Polly asked Hop Pop if he was going to fix the door, to which Hop Pop replied, "eventually."


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