Polly Plantar is a supporting character from Amphibia. She is the younger sister of Sprig and granddaughter of Hop Pop Plantar. She is a tadpole, which is one of the younger stages of a frog.


She is an outgoing and adventure-loving tadpole. She loves adventure, monsters, and fun. Although she is young, she has the heart of an adventurer. She is mysterious, explosive, and unpredictable, such as favoring to attack stuff using either her flail and her rolling pin she named "Doris". Even though she’s usually more responsible than her older brother Sprig, she still retains infantile tendencies, namely being easily swayed by the temptation of candies.


Polly resembles a real-life tadpole albeit she has arms instead of legs and is more globular in appearance. She has a yellow bow with lighter white/yellow polka dots. Unlike the other Amphibians, she has a blue tongue rather than green. She often moves in a wooden bucket filled with water and held together by a cylindrical steel frame. It has seen a fair amount of use apparent in its worn appearance. She also is seen without it and hops around instead.



She is Sprig's little sister. They have a common sibling relationship. They tend to pick on each other. She often supports Sprig, but also makes fun of him along the way.

Hop Pop

She is Hop Pop's granddaughter. He is overprotective of her. He dislikes when he tries to care for her and treat her like a baby but still loves him.


  • Strength: Despite her small size, Polly possesses incredible strength.
  • Expert Loogie Spitter: As seen in "Girl Time", Polly displays excellent spitting skills and can spit much farther than Hop Pop and Sprig, even breaking the town's record.
  • Super Sonic Singing: As seen in "Fiddle Me This", Polly apparently has the ability to sing at such a frequency that it can disrupt things and is capable of breaking a snail's shell.

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Flag of Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Gisela Viviano
Flag of Spain Spanish (Castilian/Spain) Consuelo Díaz
Flag of Poland Polish Natalia Jankiewicz
Flag of Hungary Hungarian Pekár Adrienn
Flag of Japan Japanese Atsuyoshi Miyazaki (吉田 有里)
Flag of Thailand Thai Lakkana Naksiri (ลักขณา นาคศิริ)
Flag of Malaysia Malaysian Suriani Binti Samsudin

Behind the Scenes

Name and Basis

Polly’s name is a pun on the word, pollywog, in which her species is the said creature.


Polly is voiced by Amanda Leighton.


Polly made her debut in the series premiere, "Anne or Beast?".




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