Prison Break is the second segment of the tenth episode of the first season of Amphibia and the twentieth episode overall.

It premiered on July 2, 2019, alongside Toad Tax.[1]


Far from Wartwood, Anne's friend Sasha is captured by toads.


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Main Cast

Additional Voices

  • Sam Reigel
  • Paul Eiding

Most of the Amphibians have no lines in the episode.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Spanish (Latin America) La Fuga The Escape
Dutch Uitbreken Breaking Out
Vietnamese Vượt Ngục Escape
Japanese トードタワー Toad Tower
Indonesian Kabur Dari Penjara Escape From Jail


  • This is the first segment to not feature any of the main characters of Amphibia.
  • This is the speaking debut of Anne's friend Sasha.
  • This episode reveals certain things about Sasha.
    • She's a cheerleader and a good fighter.
    • She's a master manipulator.
    • She has a photo of her friends just like Anne.
  • The Herons in this episode relate to how the Heron is the natural predator to Reptiles and Amphibians.
  • This episode takes place after the events of Toad Tax.


  • Star Wars - The beginning of this episode references the beginning of every Star Wars movie.
    • Additionally, Disney owns Star Wars.
  • Prison Break - The title of the episode is a reference to the TV series with the same name.
  • Wilhelm Scream - When Grime throws a weapon to a toad, the Wilhelm Scream can be heard.


  • The word "you imbeciles", "you fool", "crud", and "idiot" were cut during Southeast Asia broadcast.


  • When Sasha said "Oh, crud!", her mouth didn't match the line correctly.
  • Grime's line "second in command", his mouth doesn’t match what he said.

Memorable quotes

Hold on for a little longer, girls. I’m coming for you. And when I find you, we’re gonna get home. But first, I think we’re gonna have fun with this place.



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