"Toad Tax"
Prison Break

"Grubhog Day"


The episode begins with a message saying "Far, far away from Wartwood" in red letters. Inside toad tower, Grime is angry with the toads because they have all gotten "soft" and need to toughen up because frogs have been refusing to pay their taxes, causing rebellions all over Amphibia. Then, it shows Sasha crushing a bug who was eating her food with a brick in her prison cell. Percy comes in and says it's cricket Thursday and performs a music dance for Sasha who talks Percy into quitting his toad tower job. Grime comes in and Sasha says that it's like the fifth toad she talked into leaving.


They eventually find out two giant herons were nearing toad tower. Percy is walking away, and everyone tries to get his attention to stop him as he was carrying instruments. The herons then start to instantly attack, attracted by Percy as he runs back to the tower. The toads take shelter with Grime being upset, because the toads are not doing anything, too scared of the herons.. Sasha gives Grime advice to compliment the toads instead of saying rude things to them. Grime then starts complimenting the toads and the toads instantly decide to attack the herons. The toads get rid of the herons and the toads go to have a grand feast.

Sasha then says to Grime that if she fought the herons she could go home and find her friends. Grime offers her to either stay at toad tower and become his second in command, or just go wandering in the woods. Sasha agreed to stay at toad tower, with the episode ending with Sasha pulling out a picture of her and her friends saying, "Let's have some fun with this place."

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