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"Didn't you know two thirds of all mates start with souls?"
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The Mind-Controlling Mushroom is a rare species of mushroom that is able to attach itself to the host's skulls and control them in every aspect.


The last of the mushroom found its way to Wartwood Swamp in "Children of the Spore". Using an infected resident named Lloyd as its puppet, the strain branded itself as Apothecary Gary and sold mushroom spores to the residents, thereby allowing the mushrooms to spread, and before long, almost the entire town was infected. Hop Pop discovered that snails naturally preyed on the mushroom, so Bessie ate Gary off of Lloyd's head, and the mushroom colony quickly died off. This was supposedly the end of the mushrooms, but unbeknownst to everyone, a sole jar of mushroom spores knocked over by Hop Pop is found and eaten by Jeremy the beetle, which causes spores to grow on him.


The mushroom consists of a thick, white stalk with a pink cap covered in pale blue spots. There are also light-blue spores dotted across the cap of the mushroom which causes mind-controlling effects on any living creature.


  • The mushroom is similar to types of fungi that exist and turn insects into hosts. For example, Ophiocordyceps unilateralis transforms ants into zombie-like, mind-controlled bodies.
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