"Anne of the Year"

"Handy Anne"
Three months ago, Anne and Sasha ditch school for Anne's birthday during a frog dissection lesson, going around town riding shopping carts, doing graffiti and chilling in a cafe. Just as she is about to head home, Anne is convinced by Sasha to go see Marcy, their other friend, who had found a box designed with frogs in a thrift shop, as a joke present for Anne who hated frogs. Anne mentions that she would be late for her parent's party they had planned for her, but Sasha forces Anne to go along with it, stating "end of discussion". The girls are seen leaving the cafe to go visit Marcy just as the sun sets above them

In the present, Grime and his army enter Wartwood, in order to invite the frightened frogs to a banquet celebrating Anne and Sasha's reunion, much to the frog's surprise, Anne also introduces the Plantars to Sasha, who claims she thought Hop Pop would be bigger for an unknown reason. After Anne gives the okay, the frogs head to Toad Tower in a large party wagon driven by a giant tarantula. While the frogs enjoy the banquet's buffet, Anne and Sasha hang out at Sasha's room. Sasha introduces Anne to her royal treatment here at the tower and even offers food such as burgers, fries, pizza and even ketchup much to Anne's surprise who had been eating bugs for the past few months, Sasha further claimed they had hot showers as well. Sprig, after talking to a nervous soldier, figures out the banquet is a trap and they're prisoners, which he announces to everyone loudly causing the frogs to panic and fight back against the toad soldiers, throwing plates and food at them.

Back in Sasha's room, Sasha explains to Anne that the banquet was to get Hop Pop to the tower, so he can be fed to a giant Venus flytrap, as he became the mascot of a rebellion across the valley ever since the Plantars fought against toad soldiers and he ran against Toadstool for mayor, causing many rebellions across the valley and many frogs began to stand up against the toads. Anne then leaves the room and tries to rescue the frogs, disguising herself as Sasha and entering the banquet, asking the soldiers to leave as she could handle them. The frogs are overjoyed at seeing Anne. Wally suggests to Anne that they plant some boomshrooms and blow the castle "sky high", to which Anne disagrees. Anne then proceeds to lead the frogs through the underground sewage to try and find the exit. As Anne and the frogs are making their way down the damp sewage pipes, Wally begins planting the boomshrooms along the way having misunderstood Anne's statement of not using them. As they find an exit to the sewers, they rejoice only to be confronted by Sasha and the toad soldiers.

As Hop Pop is taken to be executed, Anne tries to get Sasha to free them, but she tries to once again manipulate Anne again. Angry at seeing this, Sprig throws mud at Sasha, denounces her as a bully, and encourages Anne. Angered by this defiance, Sasha tries to kill Sprig, but Anne intervenes, standing up to her at long last. Grime then proposes a duel between the girls, if Anne wins the frogs can leave, but if Sasha wins Hop Pop is to be executed as planned and fed to the giant Venus Flytrap. Anne and Sasha circle each other, glaring and dragging their swords behind them as they prepare to brawl. When Grime gives the signal, Anne and Sasha charge at each other and begin the duel with a sword lock. Sasha asks why Anne's behaving like this as she had never done so back at home. Anne then manages to swing the sword out of Sasha's hand and it lands a few feet away stuck into the ground, but Anne is confronted with a dagger jab from Sasha who retrieves her sword. After another brief engagement with swords, Sasha throws her cape at Anne, blinding her and knocks her off her feet.

Sasha Missing Pupils Reunion

Sasha points her sword towards her, signalling defeat, and argues that they are just a bunch of frogs that don't matter. Anne claims they were like her family before managing to stand up and thrusts her sword into Sasha's, knocking her down and causing her to drop her sword and dagger, resulting in a cut on Sasha's face. The frogs cheer and Anne asks Grime if they can leave now as she had won, to which Grime states "I don't think so" before reaching out and grabbing Hop Pop with his tongue. Just as Hop Pop is about do be dropped off of Toad Tower, Wally's boomshrooms begin to explode in the sewers. Anne demands why Wally planted them, to which Wally claims he winked his eye to tell her he thought she was being sarcastic, but he did so with his damaged eye so Anne couldn't tell. The explosions cause the tower to begin collapsing, leading to Grime falling off the tower and dropping Hop Pop, who promptly jumps back onto the roof and escorts the frenzied frogs and toads towards the escape stone staircase.

Pieces of the tower begin to rain down onto the ground, crushing the Venus Flytrap and causing severe damage to the courtyard. Meanwhile, as Sasha is about to get up, she falls off the side of the crumbling tower screaming, and is quickly caught by Anne who grabs her hand at the last second. Anne too is about to fall before having her leg grabbed by Sprig, Hop Pop and Polly who hold onto her. Anne tries to calm Sasha, claiming everything would be okay, but Sasha realizes that she would be the cause of Anne and the Plantars dying so knows what must be done, telling Anne "Maybe you'd be better off without me" before letting go of her hand and plummeting to the ground. Just as she was about to land, Grime appears and grabs her in mid-air, using his dagger to slide down the side of the Tower. The tower stops crumbling and remains motionless as Grime glares at Anne before disappearing into the woods carrying Sasha, followed by the rest of the Toad Army as they slowly retreat. Sprig walks over to Anne and asks if she's is okay, to which Anne replies she is before beginning to sob and is promptly hugged by the Plantars. After getting back to Wartwood, the Plantars apologize that Anne lost Sasha as a friend, but Anne tells them it's okay because she considers them her family and no matter she goes through, she'll have them by her side all the way until she returns home.

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