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[Three Months earlier]
(Anne is biking her way to school)
Maggie: Hey, Boobchuy. Whatcha eatin'? A puke bun? [cackles]
Anne: It's not a bun, Maggie. It's khao niew bing, a traditional Thai snack made up of rice and coconut milk. My mom made it for me because it's my birthday.
Maggie: Oh, happy birthday. Give me that!
Anne: Hey! Get your own Thai mom.
Sasha: Hey, Margot. Leave her alone. Also, nice guitar solo, Vince.
Vince: Yeah!
Maggie: Oh, yeah? Or else what?
Sasha: Or else you can forget coming to my awesome house party next week. It'll be really sad when the whole class is enjoying the pool without you.
Maggie: Aw, jeez, Sash. I was just playin'. Here.
Anne: Thanks, dude.
Sasha: No worries. You just gotta speak their language. But never mind that. Happy birthday, girl.
Both: [Squealing]
Anne: Yes!
(School bell rings)
Sasha: Buzzkill.

Alright, class. Today's your lucky day cause it's Frog Dissection day.

Look what Marcy found for you in downtown, a musical box with a frog lover.

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