Sadie Croaker is a minor character from Amphibia. She has a young pet spider named Archie.


She is a dull purple frog with a light-dull-purple underside. She has a cataract in her left eye. She uses a cane, similar to Hop Pop's. She wears ragged, patched clothing, with a white scarf. She has a padding of white hair on her head.


She is an older woman who owns the dairy farm, Croaker Dairy. She owns a Cowapillar farm, consisting of many of them. She is responsible for the milk and dairy product production of the town.


She is quite daring and skilled for her age. She is shown to be experienced at combat as shown in "Cracking Mrs. Croaker". She also dislikes Sprig, as she states for no actual apparent reason. She is also a fast driver and likes tricking and messing with other people, especially Sprig for instance.

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Flag of Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Nadia Polak
Flag of Spain Spanish (Castilian/Spain) María José Barjas
Flag of Poland Polish Katarzyna Kozak
Flag of Thailand Thai Chidchanok Yamma (ชิดชนก แย้มมา)
Flag of Brazil Brazilian Zayra Zordan

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