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Anne Boonchuy

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Sasha and Anne have been known to be well acquainted with one another ever since kindergarten. During Anne's 13th birthday, she encouraged Anne to ditch school for the day and have fun. She is also indirectly the reason Anne was brought to Amphibia, because had she not forced her to go with her to get the box their friend Marcy texted about as a mocking present, Anne would've gone home for her birthday party, and thus still be on Earth. While Sasha was locked away at Toad Tower, she still had the hopes of finding Anne and their friend Marcy and getting back home together. However, it is implied that Sasha holds a manipulative relationship with both girls after having suggested to a toad named Grime to "Get them to love you, and they'll do anything for you," which she most likely learned during her friendship with Anne and Marcy.

Even so, in spite of here manipulative traits and the fact she pressured Anne to steal the music box, its none the less showed that she genuinely loves her friends very much has, deeply miss them and is very worried about their safety after there separation in the world of Amphibia and has sworn to find them. Later in "Anne of the Year", she was excited to see Anne and they embraced their reunion with open arms.

However, in the special episode "Reunion", Sasha attempted to manipulate Anne into joining the Toad Army and execute Hop Pop, as she knew Hop Pop was one of the main reasons citizens of Amphibia were rebelling against the toads. She also didn't care about the Amphibian citizens of Wartwood, believing they were nothing but a bunch of slimy frogs. Because of these circumstances, Anne refused, breaking the friendship between the two and causing them to fight. Anne proved to be victorious and stated to Sasha that she wasn't going to let her push her around any longer. But as that was happening, the Tower began to collapse and Sasha was about to fall until Anne had caught her just in time. Knowing Anne and the Plantar family couldn't hold her weight for all of them to climb back up, Sasha said to Anne with parting words and tears in her eyes "Maybe you're better off without me," and willingly let go to fall to her death. Luckily, Grime had caught her before she reached the ground, and Anne could only watch as Grime took the unconscious Sasha away into the forest followed by the toad army.


Grime was Sasha's captive for a little over a month among the other toad warriors at Toad Tower. Initially, Grime despised Sasha for her encouragement on other toads to leave the tower, but he began to see her as a useful ally during an attack on the tower by large flesh-eating herons. She also taught him a tactic on how if you say nice things to others, they would do anything for you in return. Grime decided to use that tactic on the other toad warriors, which gave them the courage to fight back against the herons. After the battle was won, Grime encouraged Sasha to stay at Toad Tower for the time being as his second in command, believing they could not only restore order to the valley but can also help Sasha in finding her friends in the process, to which Sasha agreed.

Sasha was the one who suggested the banquet idea to Grime, believing it to be a good tactic to lure the frogs of Wartwood to Toad Tower to ambush them and kidnap Hop Pop whose actions resulted in rebellions spreading across the Valley. However, the plan ended up in failure instead and the tower began to collapse due to Wally's explosive mushrooms. As the tower was collapsing, Grime noticed from below of Sasha's predicament on top of the tower and jumped to save her from hitting the ground as she fell. It is unknown whether or not he did this because of their grown relationship, or because he simply needed her for his future plans although it's implied that it's the former. He then carried the unconscious Sasha into the forest with his remaining soldiers, leaving Anne with a disgusted stare from afar. When Grime was carrying Sasha, he looked up at Anne with an angry expression like he was mad at her because he thought that she may have pushed Sasha off the tower and caused Sasha’s accident.

She doesn't want to loose Grime, currently Grime is the only friend Sasha can count on. She tries to do the best for him and protect him from harm. Sasha goes extreme preparing for trouble now that Grime is considered a traitor and is now wanted over Amphibia. She feels that Grime shouldn't be lazy, even having the last two toad army recruits start a fake duel in front of him. Later, General Yunan entered the scene after overhearing Grimes current location. Sasha and Grime flee and Grime knows Sasha is distracting herself from the fight with Anne. Sasha tells Grime she's not only preparing and distracting herself because of the fight, she is preparing so she can keep Grime her new friend safe and she doesn't want to lose another friend. This makes Grime fueled up they team up and defeat Yunan and start on a plan to take over Newtopia and let the toads rule over all of Amphibia.

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