The Scorpileo is a creature that inhabits forests beyond the Valley of Amphibia. The species is a mix between a lion and a scorpion.


The Scorpileo is mostly feline in appearance, acquiring a muscular body covered in grey fur with 4 glowing yellow eyes set on the front of its head. The Scorpileo possesses red mandibles with a pair of expandable jaws lined with sharp teeth that can retract, resembling those of a scorpion's. It also has a long scorpion tail ending with a hooked stinger which it uses to deliver poison into prey.


The Scorpileo possesses a deadly poison that it injects into prey via its tail stinger. It uses infrared vision to track down its victim. The Scorpileo also uses its elongated tail to grab hold of its prey.


  • The Scorpileo might draw inspiration from the Manticore, a mythical creature depicted with the head of a human, body of a lion, and tail of a scorpion.
  • The creature shares many similarities with the Predator. Its ability to see in infrared and its extendable claws allude to the Predator's weapons, while its chattering and extending its jaws also reference the Predator. Also, the Scorpileo's hideout is littered with arranged carcasses in the same way the Predator arranges its prey like trophies.

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