"Trip to the Archives"
Snow Day

"Cracking Mrs. Croaker"

Anne is feeding Hop Pop and Polly omelettes when Sprig hurriedly comes downstairs to tell them that "it's time". They all rush into the middle of town to tell everyone that Hiber Day is coming. When the temperature falls below the "frog line", everyone simultaneously goes into instant hibernation for a day until they thaw out. The bad news is, is that one person will most likely be taken away by a mysterious predator and thus everyone gives each other a "possible goodbye" hug. Anne however, declares that due to her being warm blooded she will still be awake during Hiber Day and declares that she will protect the townspeople from any predator. The townspeople cheer for Anne, but as they attempt to prepare, the hibernation immediately begins as all the townspeople suddenly freeze in huge blocks of ice as it quickly begins to snow.


Anne manages to round everyone up and starts watching them, but immediately grows bored. She resolves to unfreeze Sprig by putting him in front of a fire, so that she can have someone to play with. Sprig is thawed, but acts odd and confused due to coming out early from hibernation. Nevertheless, Anne and Sprig begin having fun in the snow, even going so far as to use the frozen citizens to play pretend, statue making and bowling pins. As Anne sits down to once again commit to her job, she is shocked to discover that Polly went missing and she and a still lethargic and lazy Sprig set off to look for her.

They manage to track her to a cave guarded by a giant albino weasel. As Sprig attempts to rescue Polly, Anne fights the weasel and discovers that she was trying to feed her babies, the reason the weasel takes a frog every year. Overcome with remorse, Anne gives the weasels her omelette and she and Sprig leave with Polly in tow. They arrive back in town in time for everyone to thaw out. As everyone cheers for Anne, she reveals everything that happened, but Hop Pop points out that fessing up meant she was still being responsible. Sprig then shows off the photos he and Anne took including making them into statues, shocking everyone and getting Anne in trouble with them.

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