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Speaker Dialogue

(Scene opens on The Plantar Farm. Two dandelions peacefully float by as cheerful music plays)

(It's a lovely warm day as ever, as we cut to a lovely warm Omelette)

(Mushrooms, fried potatoes and vegetables can be seen peeping out of it, as Anne puts on the final touch: A basil leaf)

Anne Boonchuy: Perfecto!

(The scene moves back to reveal to us that we are in the Plantar's kitchen: Anne is holding a pan and her freshly made Omelette, while Hop Pop and Polly sit at the dining table, curious as to what Anne is up to now)

Polly Plantar: What do you call these again?

Anne Boonchuy: Omelettes!

(She slides the plate towards Hop Pop with a bit of pride and brag to her)

Anne Boonchuy: Very popular where I'm from!

(Hop Pop, however, is less sure)

Hop Pop: We'll see about that.

(Hop Pop takes a bite and considers the flavor. His eyes widen in wonder and awe; It is perfect)

Hop Pop (awestruck): Holy crabapples! Until today, I've been eating garbage!

(Polly also tries, shoving her face in. She too is amazed)

Polly Plantar: I see the future, and it's omelettes!

(Suddenly, a fearful shout from Sprig can be heard from the stairs)

Polly Plantar (confused): Wha?

(Sprig continues to shout, and falls off the stairs and onto his face)

(Sprig then immediately gets back up and resumes shouting in fear, now right next to Hop Pop, disconcerting him)

(Sprig abruptly stops when he sees the Omelette though)

Sprig Plantar (excitedly curious): Oh, those look good!

Hop Pop (informative): Omelettes.

Sprig Plantar: Huh.

(Sprig resumes shouting)

Sprig Plantar: It's happening!

(Hop Pop grabs Sprig by the face, now serious and fully focused)

Hop Pop: Are you sure it's happening?

(Close up on Sprig, more serious than ever)

Sprig Plantar: Dead sure.

(Cut back to show the rest of the family, Polly also focused and Anne out of the loop)

Anne Boonchuy: Is this a "we've gotta go now" kind of thing, or can I finish eating?

Sprig (ultra serious): Take it to go, Anne, 'cause we've got to go sound the alarm!

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