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"Lost in Newtopia"
Sprig Gets Schooled

"Little Frogtown"

Map of wartwood

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Anne and the Plantars are exploring Newtopia on foot when they come across what they think is a park. It turns out to be the campus of the prestigious Newtopia University which Hop Pop had gushed about prior. Sprig walks in on a lesson being held outside and impresses the professor about his knowledge on how to handle a giant mantis. He further shows his physical capability in playing bug-frisbee and shows off his fiddle playing skills. Professor Harringbone immediately takes an interest in Sprig, much to Hop Pop and Polly's surprise and Anne's joy. Hop Pop decides to enter Sprig into a youth learning program so that he can get a sense of the curriculum before joining the upcoming semester. Sprig reluctantly agrees after Anne convinces him that college is fun based on movies she has seen.

Sprig starts his lessons and learns that he cannot wear his hat and has to be presented in a certain way. Throughout the day, Sprig gives the various lessons a try, but easily becomes distracted or causes a disruption. Hop Pop watches from afar and quickly suffers from empty nest syndrome as he starts to look over memorabilia related to Sprig and begins to cry over it. Anne and Polly become jealous of the college lifestyle and decide to sneak in so that they can engage in a crazy party. Sprig, tired of college life, tries to inform Harringbone that he is unfit, but he suggests that instead of waiting they will start his education tomorrow. As Sprig tries to leave, the whole campus shuts down like a prison.

Hop Pop sees the campus lock down and assumes that Sprig is in danger and tries to rescue him. Sprig escapes his room, but accidentally releases the weevils. Anne and Polly end up getting chased too, having entered the campus to find the party and everyone is captured by the guards. Harringbone comes out and tells Hop Pop that Sprig could leave whenever he wants and that the lock down was just for the students' safety. Hop Pop admits that he is not ready to let Sprig go and Sprig admits that he is not ready for college life, but might be one day. Harringbone explains that he must return to the "crazy party" they were having, validating Anne's claim.

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