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Sprig Plantar is a young frog who is the best friend and guide of the human girl Anne Boonchuy. He is the grandson of Hop Pop and the eldest brother of Polly.


Sprig is an anthropomorphic frog of a small height. He has mostly reddish-pink skin, with a paler pink underbelly. He has short orange hair underneath his hat.

His casual frog-like body structure consists of: slightly orange eyeballs with black pupils and blue irises, a large elongated light green tongue that extends to certain lengths, four short limbs with four-fingered hands and two-toed feet.

As his everyday clothing, he wears a dark forest green hat with light green goggles and a sleeveless jacket paired with black shorts. He has worn his hat since he was a pollywog.

In "Dating Season", Sprig's head is colored light pink, thanks to makeup powder, and he has orange cheeks. He has a fancy yellow beret-beanie-esque hat with blue feathers on his hat next to each other which makes it look like a geyser. Around his neck, he has a big white Tudor. He has a very short green shirt with big-round shaped sleeves embroidered with seed-like shapes. He has puffy pants with thick vertical stripes with the pattern of colors green to yellow. It also appears that the outfit is much too big for him and he's clearly uncomfortable and has limited movement while wearing the courtship kit.

When he was a tadpole, he somewhat resembled his younger sister, Polly. He wore a dark forest green hat with the beige-colored goggles. He is also very circular, he also has a light pink tail.


Sprig is an overly excited frog, He is a very adventurous and energetic frog child, both qualities that can bring him to adventure and into trouble respectively.

Despite acting carelessly at times, he is utterly loyal to his friends and family, and will ultimately do what is right in the end. He usually pushes important stuff out of the way and tries to find the most fun things to do. When he does so, he causes danger for his family and friends always tries to do what's best for others around him whether he likes it or not.

In Civil Wart, Sprig gets upset that Polly being the youngest gets more attention and rights than him. He feels that since Polly is young and he has to give up numerous things for her. Not till after starting a war against two teams of Wartwood, Sprig realizes that he is supposed to protect his younger sister and care for her. Which can be seen in future episodes as he is by her side and has fewer arguments with her.



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At first, Sprig portrays Anne as the so-called beast, but they later settle to be friends after she saved him from a giant red mantis, introducing herself to him, finding out she is friendly and trying to make her believe she can trust him.


Sprig and Ivy are known to be close friends with one another. They are occasional sparring partners, and often tease each other by attempting to ambush the other frog and successfully tackle them to the ground. When their guardians Hop Pop and Felicia attempted to set them up on a date involving a ritual dance that would allow them to be wedded, they instead chose to discard it and run off into the forest to have fun together. But after dealing with killer Love Birds and saving their families, Sprig then came to realize he fell in love with Ivy.

Role in the series

From the start of the series, Sprig starts off as being considered something of a strange kid in the town of Wartwood. Over the course of the first season, however, this begins to change through the influence of Anne Boonchuy while also changing her perspective as well. Along with the rest of the Plantars, they slowly begin to gain some respect from the town with many people looking at Sprig as the "fun Plantar".

One of the story arcs in season one involves Sprig's personal relationships. In "Hop Luck", he ends up getting engaged to Maddie Flour, albeit forcibly by Anne in an effort to get a bit of dough. Later on in "Dating Season", Sprig is revealed to be friends with Ivy Sundew, an old acquaintance. At the end of the episode, Sprig suddenly realizes that he is in love with Ivy and makes it his goal, through the encouragement of Anne, to admit his feelings to her. While Maddie makes spare appearances, Sprig still brings her up in a resigned manner. While he likes her, he considers her too weird and creepy. It is not until the episode "Cursed!" when he finally breaks up with her and learns that despite her weirdness, she simply wants to be friends with him and he accepts her. In "Anne of the Year", he and Ivy are finally able to admit their feelings for one another.

Sprig also spends numerous amounts of time learning from his mistakes and maturing somewhat. In "Sprig Vs. Hop Pop", he learns to be more accepting of rules and in "Trip to the Archives" he realizes that even though he would rather have fun, he should be more concerned with helping Anne with her problems instead.


  • Fiddle: He's very superior at playing the fiddle.
  • Slingshot: He uses his slingshot for playing and self-defense. He also demonstrates having a great aim with it.
  • Singing: He is a good singer and can sing while playing his fiddle.
  • Armpit farting: He is shown to be surprisingly adept at making armpit farts that are in tune with classical music.

Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Flag of Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Demián Velazco Rochwerger
Flag of Spain Spanish (Castilian/Spain) Rocío Pereiras
Flag of Hungary Hungarian Barath István
Flag of France French Maxime Donnay
Flag of Poland Polish Jakub Jóźwik
Flag of India Indonesian Marin Ifa Hasmarina
Flag of Japan Japanese Serika Hiromatsu (弘松 芹香)
Flag of Malaysia Malaysian Muneira Anuar
Flag of Thailand Thai Nutchaya Intasow (ณัฐชยา อินต๊ะซาว)

Memorable Quotes

"For someone who’s Anne best friend, you sure don’t know her very well. She’s brave. She’s smart. And most of all, she’s not gonna be pushed around by a bully like you." ― "Sprig Plantar"[source]



  • Anne is Sprig's first new friend. («Best Fronds»)
  • He likes his family getting along.
  • He likes adventure.
  • He snores loudly. («Flood, Sweat & Tears»)
  • He thinks everything on Anne's phone is trapped and will try and free it by smashing Anne's Phone with a hammer, which is a running gag in the series. («Hop Luck»)
  • He is a good hole digger. («Flood, Sweat & Tears»)
  • He has orange hair. («The Domino Effect»)
  • His name is commonly misspelled as «Spring Plantar» instead of Sprig.
  • His irises are blue. («Family Shrub»)
  • Sprig claims that he has a short attention span, implying that he has Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).
  • He considers Anne "way too old" for him when they were accused of being a couple, implying that he prefers dating people closer to his age.
  • Sprig seems to be a musical prodigy as he can sing and is capable of performing the fiddle flawlessly. Not to mention he can also perform armpit fart numbers.
  • Sprig, arguably, has already had two love interests. Ivy Sundew, whom he starts dating at the end of season one, and Maddie Flour, whom he was engaged to, but broke off.
  • As revealed in the concept art, Sprig went through numerous color changes before settling on hot pink.
  • Despite his very immature behavior, Sprig can stand up to people who mess with his friends. An example of this can be seen in Reunion when he stands up to Sasha when she's manipulating Anne to put her sword down.
  • In Flood, Sweat & Tears, while playing "Would you Rather" with Anne, Sprig said he couldn't sweat. In Sprig Vs. Hop Pop, Sprig is seen sweating.


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