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At first, Sprig sees Anne as the so-called "beast," but they later settle to be friends after she saved him from a giant Red Mantis and introducing herself to him. Spited, finding out she is friendly, becomes good friends with her. Throughout the show, Sprig learns about Anne's past, and tries to be a friend that she can compare to her old "friends."


Sprig and Ivy are known to be close friends with one another. They are occasional sparring partners, and often tease each other by attempting to ambush the other frog and successfully tackle them to the ground. When their guardians Hop Pop and Felicia attempted to set them up on a date involving a ritual dance that would allow them to be wedded, they instead chose to discard it and run off into the forest to have fun together as friends. But after dealing with killer Love Doves and saving their families, Sprig then came to realize he actually fell in love with Ivy.

Hop Pop Plantar

Sprig is shown to be caring and loves his grandparent but sometimes his views contradicts with Hop Pop's which lead to occasional arguments. In "Sprig Vs. Hop Pop," Sprig is angered by Hop Pop not reading his suggestions and rather burning them which lead them to compete in the Plantar Family Challenge over who gets to run the farm.

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