"Breakout Star"
Sprig Vs. Hop Pop

"Girl Time"

Anne, Sprig and Polly are doing chores on the farm during a hot day while Hop Pop sits back and watches. When Sprig suggests that they train the cowapillars to eat the weeds for them, Hop Pop tells him to place a note in the suggestion barrel, despite Polly believing that he never reads them (she had asked for a swimming pool that never got made). The kids discover to their shock after Sprig knocks it over that under the suggestion barrel is actually a fire pit that destroys the suggestions. Upset over how things are being run, Sprig rings the Plantar Challenge Bell to challenge Hop Pop to a test of strength to see who will become the new boss or as Polly explains to Anne, "they push each other until someone falls off a lily pad. It's dumb, but fun to watch." Despite losing numerous times in the past, Sprig manages to beat Hop Pop and Anne and Polly celebrate while Hop Pop solemnly wanders off feeling that he is no longer needed.

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Hop Pop heads to the Wartwood Cemetery where he encounters a beetle that he helps up. Taking a liking to him, he names him Jeremy and gets "taken" into his society. Meanwhile, Sprig delightfully takes over the farm and begins implementing suggestions such as Polly's swimming pool, setting the cowapillars onto the weeds and throwing parties complete with clowns. However, they quickly discover that they are running out of food and insects have started draining the pool and laying eggs (the exact reason Hop Pop did not want a pool). With everything falling apart, Anne and Polly demand they get Hop Pop back, but Sprig becomes tyrannical, forcing the girls to flee.


Anne and Polly find Hop Pop among the beetles where he claims that he has changed and learned about community, but does not want to return; he changes his mind when he learns that Sprig is sleeping in his bed. He challenges Sprig to a rematch and they have a much more even fight. Hop Pop tells Sprig how he has changed and Sprig admits that his ideas were dumb and the he "caused permanent damage to the Eco-system". Sprig forfeits the challenge and Hop Pop returns to running the farm with him now taking suggestions seriously; even adding a mini-pool for Polly. Hop Pop continues to read suggestions with Jeremy and the beetles' help.

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