"Hop Luck"

"The Domino Effect"
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Poor Hop hop

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S1E3B Anne and Hop Pop talk
S1E3B Anne and Hop Pop discuss

Seeing that arguing could lead to a family breakdown, Sprig steals some of the corn to force Anne and Hop Pop go on a stakeout in order to catch the thief. While they wait, Anne and Hop Pop talk about how they each miss a certain aspect, Anne her home and Hop Pop the good old ways.

They then try each other's extreme drinks, which gives them strange hallucinations due to their different body chemistry, including Sprig as an evil corn monster, Anne having rainbow-stardust hair and Hop Pop as a tea kettle. Once the hallucinations stop, Anne and Hop Pop appreciate how they both had each other's back during their hallucination fight against Sprig and fall asleep immediately due to exhaustion.

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