Stumpy is a cook who resides in Wartwood Swamp. He owns a restaurant called "Stumpy's Diner" that is also located in Wartwood.


Stumpy initially was a gruff cook, having lost his passion for the upkeep and maintenance of his restaurant. Although, after Anne helped him reinvent it, he felt hope and had a more positive outlook for the future of his restaurant.  


He is a sizable frog with yellow colored eyes and a white shirt, stained with grease and drinks. He possesses an interchangeable hand, usually with a spatula in it, but can be swapped for a battle hammer. He is also usually seen with a crab's leg in his mouth and a greasy chef's hat.


Stumpy's business came under threat by Albus Duckweed, who chastised him over his shabby diner and lousy cooking. Anne Boonchuy defended Stumpy and made a bet with Duckweed. If they could revitalize the restaurant in two days and impress Duckweed, he would write a good review on his message board. Stumpy, seeing it to be hopeless, had initially resigned to giving up and closing his business, despite Anne's support. However Anne's optimism and persistent attitude won him over and the two managed to transform the diner into a Thai-Amphibian fusion cuisine restaurant.


Foreign voice actors

Language version Actors
Flag of Argentina Spanish (Latin America) Ricardo Alanis
Flag of Spain Spanish Matías Brea
Flag of Thailand Thai Tanaphon Tangpetch (ธนพนธ์ แท่งเพ็ชร์)


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