Stumpy's Diner (or simply Stumpy's) is a Thai-Frog fusion restaurant. It was originally a frog restaurant until Anne Boonchuy converts it into a Thai-fusion restaurant following the events occurring in the episode "Lily-Pad Thai".


Season 1

In "Anne or Beast?", Wally departs from the diner for the night, heading to the forest where he encounters a strange monster, later shown being Anne.

In "Croak & Punishment" Anne and Sprig visit Stumpy and interrogate him on the whereabouts of Sprig's missing Blue Moon Shell. After the angry Gunther, the pair rush to hide in various locations from the angered amphibian but were turned away due to Sprig's "bad cop" treatment.

In "Lily Pad Thai" Anne convinces Stumpy to renovate the place into a Frog-Thai fusion cuisine restaurant after it was criticized by Albus Duckweed, with changes being made to the interior as well as exterior of the restaurant. The menu was also renewed to involve more Thai-based food concepts.


  • Pad Thai with flies on top
  • Fried rice
  • Squid and Basil special
  • Fly Ice Tea
  • Maggot Larb (Pronounced Lap)
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