Suspicion Island, if you don't stay suspicious, you won't stay alive.

—Series tagline, Taking Charge

Suspicion Island is an in-series reality television series in Amphibia which is downloaded on Anne's phone and Sasha's phone.

Anne states it is one of her "favorite shows" and gets the Plantar Family into it as well by showing it to them during movie night.

After he was branded as a criminal by Newtopia and his army left him, Grime began binging the series during his depressive state, and is currently hooked.


The plot of the show is for contestants to always remain suspicious. If one member appears suspicious then the rest of the team might oppose or agree to get rid of them.


  • While Sasha's phone has the show, she seems to dislike it.
  • In Reddit, Matt stated the show will never end, it's ratings are too good.[1]



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