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Anne shows the Plantar's her favorite show, Suspicion Island on her phone, featuring teens stuck on a dangerous island where the theme is "suspicious". Sprig and Polly enjoy it very much, but Hop Pop states it's just a bunch of garbage and prefers reading plays and books. After finishing an episode, Anne closes her phone and suggests that they watch more later as it would be more fun than to just finish it all. Anne, Sprig, Polly and Hop Pop leave and go to their beds, Sprig and Polly complaining they wanted to watch more and eager to watch more episodes.

Later in the night, a shadowy figure emerges from the darkness and moves over to Anne's phone, and begins watching a new episode. In the morning, Anne gets some popcorn and proceeds to watch some more episode of Suspicion Island, only to find out that all the episodes had been watched and her phone's battery dies out briefly afterwards. Anne becomes heartbroken and outraged, as she claims that all her memories from home were on that phone including images and videos and without it she seemed lost. Anne asks the Plantars if they have any electricity, to which they appear confused about. When Anne expresses it as being "Zap Zap", Hop Pop looks through his book of beasts and tells her of a Zapapede, a creature that stuns it's prey with electricity. As they leave and go on their trip to the Zapapede, the family remain suspicious of each other, using phrases they had learnt from "Suspicious Island".

As they reach a rope bridge, they notice a Zapapede resting on a rock on the other side of the bridge, and they began to cross it. As they are crossing it, Sprig yawns, provoking Polly to comment to Anne that was very suspicious as it proved he was the one who had used the phone. Sprig then calls Anne over to his side of the bridge and expresses his own concerns in finding the thief and that it was not him. Polly then accuses of him of sweet-talking Sprig and they argue with each other in the middle of the bridge. Anne and Hop Pop join them and the combined weight causes the bridge to collapse and everyone plummets down the mountain side.

Portrait Zapapede

Having fallen on a ledge, Hop Pop spots a huge mass Zapapedes below the cliff. Anne suggests they link hands and make a rope with their linked bodies like in one of the episodes. Sprig states that if they did then Polly would drop them to cover up her tracks, similar to the events that occurred in the same episode. Sprig and Polly engage in a fight, accidentally kicking Anne who joins in with them. Hop Pop calls them to stop but with no avail. Getting nervous, Hop Pop then yells "It was me", causing the kids to stop fighting immediately. Hop Pop explains that he actually loved the show but just didn't show it, being in love with the crazy teens and their adventures. He went down and watched the rest of the season secretly but claimed that he would redeem himself by charging Anne's phone. Hop Pop then jumps over the side of the cliff onto the pile of Zapapedes. For a moment, nothing happens and Hop Pop says it felt quite relaxing actually before being repeatedly zapped and electrocuted. Anne, Sprig and Polly agree to work together and make a rope using Sprig's tongue and Polly holding onto Anne's legs. As Anne grabs Hop Pop, she herself gets electrocuted as well as Sprig and Polly, causing all of them to blast off and land near the base of the cliff on some shrubs. Anne's phone displays "10,000%" and is well charged now. Hop Pop apologizes to Anne who forgives him, and they make their way back home so that Anne, Sprig and Polly can also watch the rest of the episodes before Hop Pop spoils it for them.

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