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"Fort in the Road"
The Ballad of Hopediah Plantar

"Anne Hunter"

While traversing through the desert, Sprig begins playing his fiddle about Hop Pop, much to Hop Pop's enjoyment. However, when Sprig mentions that Hop Pop cowered in fear and hid when the Toads attacked, Hop Pop becomes angered as he felt that Sprig left out how he was the inspiration for the rebellion to begin with. They eventually come across Bitty Burg, named so because the residents are minuscule frogs whom Anne and the Plantars tower over. As they greet the residents, a frog there size named Judro Hassleback arrives demanding money from the residents. Hop Pop stands up to him and kicks him out of town; earning applause and praise from the Bitties.

Hop Pop uses the opportunity to exaggerate his previous adventures, hyperbolically of course, but when the Bitties mention that the Hassleback gang will arrive for revenge, Hop Pop is frightened as he had assumed it was only Judro. The Hasslebacks arrive almost immediately and Mama Hassleback challenges Hop Pop to removing her, which he is incapable of doing due to her size. Hop Pop is humiliated and he, Anne, Polly and Sprig are forced out of town, much to the Bitties' disappointment. As they head off back into the desert, Hop Pop has an epiphany. What he wanted was a song about himself when he should have been thinking about helping the townsfolk and he hatches a plan.

Hop Pop struts into town and threatens the gang, before proceeding to "attack" the Hasslebacks with his tongue. Meanwhile situated atop a nearby rock is Anne, Sprig and Polly who operate a sniper-like slingshot, flinging stones at the gang members just as Hop Pop's tongue hits them, making it appear as if his tongue was "made of iron". Mama catches on after seeing the reflection of Anne's telescope and catches the stone mid-air, before launching it back at Sprig, knocking him down. In fright, Hop Pop tries to flee, but after seeing the Bitties looking in fear and remembering Anne's words of wisdom and hearing them echoing in his head, Hop Pop overcomes his fear and bravely stood his ground. However, the Hasslebacks promptly beat up Hop Pop. As he lies in defeat, the Bitties suddenly become furious; growing teeth with their eyes turning red and attack the Hasslebacks. A child native named Bailey informs Hop Pop that he inspired them to defend those who cannot defend themselves. Freaked out by the suddenly violent Bitties, Anne and the Plantars race off back into the desert.

Elsewhere, the robot from the previous episode continues to trek through the desert.

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