The Calamity Box is a magical music box/chest, which is believed to play music. It is also unexpectedly used for interdenominational travel between the human world and Amphibia. It was held in a Thrift Stop.


The box is small. It's ornamented with gold and three different gems (purple, blue and green) which lost their color once Anne, Sasha, and Marcy got transported into Amphibia. It depicts a frog in the tropical woods, praising the gems. It also has a small key on its right side as an accessory.


It is a magical relic that supposedly can be used for dimensional travel between both the human world and Amphibia.

It is known that for some period of time it remained on Earth in an old thrift store.

Three months prior to the episode Reunion, Marcy found the box in the store mentioned above as a mocking birthday present for the frog lover, referring to Anne, as she was having her 13th birthday. Marcy posted it via text messaging after she found out Anne was disgusted by frogs. Anne was forced by her classmate Sasha, despite her birthday party starting in fifteen minutes, adding to the fact that her mom was waiting for her at home. Nevertheless, she recovered it and went to an old playground to open the box, being late for her birthday party. She opens the box and the light flashes on the three girls, transporting them into Amphibia. The box is in Anne's bag, though wrapped in a blanket. It also reveals that, after one use, it became inactive. Because of this, the three gems on top no longer have their color.

At the end of Anne Vs Wild, Anne finally decided to reveal to the Plantar family how she got into Amphibia in the first place, which was with the small box she thought to be a music box. Anne asked them if they knew anything about it, but Hop Pop claimed to have never seen anything like it. However, later that night as Hop Pop was researching in his study, he came across a page of the box with a picture, resembling the one Anne showed him with danger signs around the page titled the Calamity Box.

During the events of Bizarre Bazaar, Anne and Sprig decide to go to a secret market in the hopes of finding more information about Anne's music box. Eventually, they find a stand that has artifacts resembling the art on the box, but the box was stolen by a salesman before they could show it to the old lady running the stand. Luckily, Hop Pop had followed them to the market and won the box back for Anne, but Anne decided to give it to Hop Pop instead, believing she could wait a little longer if it meant finding the right answers. In the end, Hop Pop decides to bury the box in a small patch of dirt next to the Plantar Farm due to his suspicion of it being too "dangerous".


  • Calamity defines "an event causing great and often sudden damage or distress; a disaster," further implying the box is dangerous.
  • A real-life version of the chest appears at the 2019 D23 Expo. It is presented by Matt Braly, who gives it to Kermit the Frog to look at while advising him not to open it. However, Kermit gets the urge to do so and, after giving in, ends up in Amphibia. He mistakenly calls it the "Magical Calamari Box" at one point and says the journey is "faster than taking the 5 freeway" due to less traffic.
  • During the episode where Anne shows the Plantar family the box, the handle is missing, but in Bizzare Bazaar it reappears.


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