"The Domino Effect" is the first segment of the fourth episode of the first season of Amphibia, and the seventh episode overall.

It premiered on June 20, 2019 alongside "Taking Charge".[1]


Anne wants to keep a caterpillar as a pet, but she'll have to keep it a secret from Hop Pop.[2]


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Main Cast

Additional Voices

  • Bill Farmer
  • Amanda Leighton

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Spanish (Latin America) El efecto dominó The Domino Effect
Dutch Het domino effect
Vietnamese Hiệu Ứng Domino
Japanese ひみつのペット Secret pet
Korean 두 번째 도미노 Second domino
French L'effet Domino Domino Effect
Indonesian Efek Domino


  • "The Domino Effect" - The title is a real-life theory that states that a small event in one place can lead to a chain reaction of events that could prove to be disastrous.


  • After the leaf blade destroys Sprig's hat, he is seen without his hat, but when it cuts to the next scene, he is seen with his hat even though it destroyed.
  • While Anne is about to toss the toy mouse, when she is talking to Domino II, her torso cuts off at the bottom of the screen.
    Anne Torso Error

    Anne's torso cuts off as she moves up


  • In Southeast Asia broadcast, "I swear to the frog" was cut. Anne's line "Welcome, brother, to the church of cute" was shortened to "Welcome, brother". Then Sprig's line "This a cult thing?" was cut. Also the line "What the heck is that?" was shortened to "What is that?" Anne saying "Oh, crud." was also cut.


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This list contains spoilers
Domino is Anne's cat she owns back home.

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