The Green Lady was a ship replica model formerly owned by Hop Pop. It was destroyed following the events of "Children of the Spore."


The Green Lady is a type of battleship which was used in an old war. The replica model features a brown hull made from planks of wood, with three gun ports on either side. The top half of the ship is mostly mossy-green with an anchor attached, and text reading "The Green Lady" painted in fancy letters on the ship's side. The ship also features an emerald-green figure head in the shape of a frog-mermaid at the front. The two sails of the ship each feature an illustration of a frog's foot.


  • It was one of Hop Pop's most prized possessions, taking him quite a long time to get it finished, through meticulous construction.
  • The appearance of a mermaid on the front of the ship suggests that human myths may have intertwined with the amphibians at a point, or could have possibly been based off of them.
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